It's a bad thing my laptop has a camera-photo booth is fun and quite addictive. (Note the foamies)

Things I recently realized:

An immersion blender is definitely a must when blending butternut squash soup (yep, I used the regular blender-laugh, it's funny) But the soup WAS good regardless, what was left IN the crock pot.

Cold medicine can not be stock piled however necessary. I pleaded with the neighborhood grandma pharmacy worker (yes, this is the same woman I lost my mind with awhile back when trying to buy a very expensive prescription in order to nurse my hungry 3 month old). I told her that it isn't JUST me getting a cold each time I come to beg for "real" cold medicine (within the 9-6pm pharmacy hours of course). "You see", lady, "when I get a cold my husband does too, " I explained.
I know, I know, that sounds amazingly coincidental right?

Regular off the shelf cold medicine might as well be sugar placebo pills, it works as well as a butter knife would for a lobotomy (I know I've used that metaphor before-I think it's my favorite).

The people on Oprah's Favorite Things show are just actors, they have to be right? There is no way anyone would get that excited about THINGS right? Wait a minute, I can see my show now......pack of 6 Black .05 Sakura Drawing Pens FOR EVERYONE! Wooooo, bring on the tears!

Even though I am an art educator and an artist-my kids and I do love the plastic pre-shaped and sticker backed foamies. I know they are kind of silly, really not very fine art. But on the plus side it's art that will last forever. Amen to that.


nacherluver said…
cute pic
cute post!

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