St. Nick (of time)

Stack-o-gifts for my adopted teen mom (my favorite kind of shopping for those Santa can't get to).
 In my stacks of kid pictures, various family outings, events and such, you will find a surprising absence of Kid with Santa pictures. I know, you can't believe it. I've never understood the mall Santa's like someone had this bright idea, here's how it went,
"I have a great idea! Let's have Santa meet and great kids at the mall on his "throne". Overtired mothers will wait in line for hours with cranky kids who really don't see the pay off of waiting in the long, serpent like line and probably will burst out into uncontrollable tears (scaring all others), meanwhile these weary mothers will not be spending ANY money in ANY stores. Yeegads that's it!"

For years now (if you're lucky) you can see/hear my kids yelling down from the second floor of the mall concourse at Santa what gifts they want for Christmas. I have encouraged this every year after once (jokingly) I suggested to my oldest that he could just yell out what he wanted, bypassing the long line and being able to play on the donated Jet Blue airplane jungle gym (located conveniently next to a really great coffee shop on mall level 2. Everyone is happy).
I know, it's kind of bad mommy of me but I get a kick out of it. And plus, it makes me feel kind of smart.

P.S-I've heard now that they have beepers not unlike restaurants will give you to let you know your table is ready. Only this one beeps "Santa will see you now". It is however on a busy day-a 4 hour wait.


Ludid said…
fortunately, we didn't have to wait for my son to get his picture with santa. his preschool had it available. i agree....there is no way i will wait to get a picture. enjoy your holidays. by the way, your print is framed, wrapped, and ready to opened this christmas. thank you and happy holidays.

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