Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catch, Pull, Feather, Recover

I know the "edges" are rough on this one. The cutting rudimentary and the masking tape in the middle rather pedestrian but that's exactly why I like it. Note: the Girl Scout manual page on the left. My ebay haul is finally making its debut. Speaking of ebay, if you see a cute little va va voom engine red Samsung for sale on there that looks suspicious, well, it's mine.....only two weeks in my possession (see SPRING BREAK 2010!) and it jumped ship. I dropped it at the movie theater when I took the boys to see How To Train Your Dragon (which was breathtakingly wonderful)....and I don't know if you know this because I certainly didn't but movie theaters are a hotbed for cell phone debauchery...mine had its SIM card (another new vocabulary word for me) pulled right out the back of it (I'm sure) within moments of my accidental abandonment. The horror. I was hoping for a good Samaritan out there but Fox Regal Cinemas is not apparently where they tend to hang out. And who can blame people these days, I guess a little illegal ebay cell phone action is in order seeing how much movies cost now, 14 dollars a ticket. Maybe I'm spending too much time reading 1930's Girl Scout naivety....well, catch, pull, beg and recover, that's what I do....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ectoplasm, Lawnmowing and Gumballs (it's all related, really)

I know the sounds of spring and summer are supposed to provoke all smiley faces and such but it has come to my attention recently that I HATE the sounds of lawnmowers. When you live in a neighborhood the size of mine there is at ANY given time during grass growing season (a technical term), even during thunderstorms crazily enough someone is mowing their lawn. Maybe you have already realized this about yourself but it's taken me years to finally figure out that there's something in the sound frequency of lawnmowers that drives me quite batty.....perhaps I'm finally figuring this out because I've been reading Mary Roach's Spook (I know I started that book in October thinking it would be right on for Halloween but then it got run over by gluten free manuals) and she talks about infrasound and people's ability to hear certain frequencies or not. It's fascinating-there's a whole theory that seeing ghosts or experiencing them might just be a buzzing in your inner ear-well, it's fancier than that but that's the gist of it. The book is wonderful, full of ectoplasm, mediums and their guides, old outdated science and new discovery and chock full of facts that I will now regurgitate at any social function I'm allowed to go to. Watch out 5 year old niece's birthday party! (In fact, regurgitation is another frequently found theme in the book). Frankly, I think Mary Roach should have written ALL of my high school science books perhaps then I wouldn't have barely squeezed by with a C- in Physics (a feat that still mystifies me-might have been my wonderful drawings of invisible forces).

And next I'm planning to read Stiff, (Mary Roach's predecessor to Spook) a book about the amazing lives of science cadavers-that said, watch out PTO Bingo night-I'm  going to have LOTS more fun facts soon!

(The art above HAS NOTHING to do with the topic-I like it that way)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Royalty Afloat

I've been having fun with gesso and textures....I'm not super good (technical term there) at them and I think I'll re-do this one with lighter colors. It's me and my daughter adrift at sea-as a queen and a princess, of course....I think I've been watching too much of The Tudors lately.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black and Whites


Can you tell that I love to draw. It relaxes me like nothing else. All of these black and white line drawings are finding their way into my collages. But I do like them unembelished on their own. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Good Ole' Days

(Garden Growth)

 I had dinner the other night with a good friend who gave me her old/new phone (see SPRING BREAK 2010!) She and I both commiserated about being MOYK's (Mother of Young Kids-run with it people). It's not that we won't look back and think, oh, remember when their feet used to actually smell good and you could actually nibble on their toes? Remember when their clothes were so small that they got lost in the wash inside your own garments? Remember when I licked the sand off a lollipop just to stop the waterfall of tears? (really).....
 Remember when...No doubt, we will somehow have that Mommy amnesia everyone seems to get when they hit their 50's or so and we'll ONLY remember frolicking around the kitchen making homemade play dough and singing silly songs.
"I don't know may be hard to forget anytime soon"my friend says, "It's tough when the 4 year old is constantly whacking the 2 year old up side the head and stealing her toys. Often, I can't seem to help it and I end up comparing their behavior to adults, I mean REALLY....It would be as if I walloped you with my purse and while you were blindsided, drank your glass of wine and stole your fish tacos."
Well, thank goodness, we don't act like kids anymore because those tacos were good and I think if she had tried, I might have sabotaged her gelato with some home made play dough. Oh, these days......

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stolen Stuff and Such

I wouldn't mind a spiral staircase.....with space to hide under.....Brooke Astor's Holly Hill home now vacant-so sad, such greedy offspring. I would gladly been her honorary niece and kept the monies flowing to the arts and such.

When I find things that inspire me and copy and drag them to my desktop (sometimes screaming)-I really should make a note of where they came from so I can give credit. I will give this photo and it's subject credit as soon as my brain empties some space from carrying around too many gluten free facts.

I'm ready for summer vacation. (I can tell you that this was for sale on Etsy long ago but of course, I forgot to take notes from whom I was pilfering this beautiful vacation inspiring photo)

Beautiful house in Duck NC where we vacation.....when this house is lit up during sunset it emits a warm glow like a delicate paper lantern. (It's owned by some LA movie guy and is for sale, 8 million I think-not in the budget shucks!)

Another beautiful image from Etsy from long ago and of course, I didn't make notes so I could link this. Apologies, apologies.

I really enjoyed this book and her blog....simply enjoyable. I'd give her golden stars if I weren't so tainted by them.

I bought a refrigerator. 
Yep, things are FROZEN in my freezer.
Gasp. I think I am finally a grown to go get a freezie pop from that freezer......


Thursday, April 08, 2010

18 Gallons!

On our 200 mile trip home from visiting my sister in Norfolk (SPRING BREAK 2010!) my car sputtered to a complete stop in the middle of a one way road (one lane each direction)...immediately, I think, crap, something is broken, something fell off when I hit that speed bump too fast, a Honda doing this? Unfathomable....nope, I'd simply run out of gas. Let me tell you this, ladies and gents, this was a first for me. My prone to worry personality does not allow the gauge to dip below quarter tank. And I had all three kids in the car...bonus. During the whole 200 mile trip I hadn't once looked at the gas gauge. It was frightening and fascinating all at once-how did I manage that? AND, what else have I "forgotten"?
Years ago, I would have promptly done what any sane person would beat my head on the steering wheel and start crying. But with kids (and an extremely perceptive one) I had to buck up, laugh and say, "Well, okay, it's an ADVENTURE kids!"

Amazingly enough, we had just past a gas station.  I was able to pull the car into the ONLY strip of median on the whole needing to be widened road (and that was precisely what they were doing, orange cones and all encompassed my car in the middle of that road-pure luck). I had no cell phone (I don't know who I would have called anyway) as my daughter had tossed mine into my full wine glass (SPRING BREAK 2010!) a few days earlier. So we trekked up the side of the "highway" to the gas station on a quest for gold. After seeing us trumping up the side of the road, Anna still in her PJ's, me in my "driving clothes" (don't ask) a nice couple offered us a ride back to the car after we secured the .05 oz sippy cup quantity of gas that fits into a mini gas can. Weirdly enough, the boys were actually behaving, maybe because this adventure would have made that survive anything disaster guy on the Discovery channel proud. All in all, 20 oddish minutes later we are back on the road, making a big ole' wide U-turn for more liquid gold......we counted the gallons going into the car, 1, 2, 15....18!
"WOW," my perceptive oldest son exclaims, "I didn't know WE COULD FIT 18 gallons in our car!!" Neither did I kiddo, neither did I.