Wednesday, September 29, 2010


At the beginning of each school year I tie a rope to myself and the stern of my ship....the S.S Get Me Through September (please). I brace for the tsunami like waves, the splash and crash of them on the deck, donning the canary colored slicker and thigh high waders....I am ready. But the storm didn't come this year. It didn't even sprinkle. We wake up easily, we eat breakfast without tears, we actually put on the famous socks ourselves.....could it be? Could it? Oh, this lady is not counting all of her eggs yet. I'm still on deck, fully dressed waiting.....

Of course, this has happened like clockwork for four years-the wartime school transition.....and now that the horizon is clear (even sunny).......the best friend is moving. And not just down the street but moving to another state....
I am of course, hoping for a miracle. Hoping that since we've bridged the school transition that we will too traverse through the absent best buddy (who is a constant companion). But one mother can't be so lucky right? So, someone please, please throw me a floatation device, I'm think I may be going overboard. Splash.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exquisite Book

The Exquisite Book from ALSO on Vimeo.

I'm always in trouble when I go over to Julia Rothman's Book By It's Cover blog. I have bought so many books on her recommendation. This is a project of hers and her group ALSO.
If you play the video it explains "the game". Someday I want to be an exquisite corpse.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

She Floats

 I like to call the last year (2009) a wash. Because basically that was what it was.....I found myself skipping down this wonderful artsy road only to end up in my bathroom (TMI-I know). Things got put to the side, despite my illness, I started a wonderful PT teaching job, my life curved in a very different direction. Sometimes I feel like I got to the starting line, took off and then got benched for a while, shinsplints or something like that. I tried not to complain too much on this blog and most of it I couldn't or wouldn't even spell out. I have a friend and collegue going through chemo right now, my problems, not so scary.
Funny thing is....we still don't know what "happened" to me last year. And I'm kind of at peace with it, my symptoms are basically gone. I spoke to a good friend of mine this summer at the beach. She had gone through something similar to my troubles. However she had traveled abroad and had perhaps sipped some questionable water or something (me, I am still thinking gall bladder or bad grocery store sushi)......sick for two years and then voila, it went away after she got pregnant with her second child. Just poof! Never a diagnosis.  I was just happy to hear that I wasn't the only one with a mystery ailment. Misery loves company eh?
I'm glad to be back to me. And now to start art jogging again......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Is Just To Say

Every time I bite into a plum I think of this funny little poem that was printed in my confirmation book (the one with white bumpy raised typographic vinyl like cover with huge words RECONCILIATION in gold-I loved that the word "silly" was in there, not really but it is). And I mean, every single time I eat a plum, I think of this William Carlos Williams poem (see below). Yet I never thought to look it up until last night. Until then I had just thought it was one of those 70's Catholic hipster kind of "haikus" written by a beatnik like Jesuit......but regardless, I totally understood this poem as a young gathered up all of those child to parent feelings that you could not put into words and as simply as he did..the taking and taking and a little giving and the taking......So do you eat the plums? Do you take your mother's icy, juicy rewards. Yes. Yes, you do.

This Is Just To Say
by William Carlos Williams

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

 I don't know about you but I have this really annoying habit of feeling like I'm forgetting to do something. (I know I've written about this before so bear with me, I just have to talk about this stuff). I don't think though that I have always been like this. Could it be because I've got three other people's little agendas taking up my precious hard drive memory? So I was thinking about how to get everything I could possibly need to remember and put it all in one place...perhaps a huge chalkboard wall? Nah, the kids would would turn it into one big smear before you could say-what was I supposed to do on Wednesday?.....perhaps an online calendar-nope, that wouldn't stick with me-part of my quasi remembering is that I find I remember things better if I write them down....I think I am going to have to go Memento sticky note on myself, even writing down the simplest things, like "breathe today" as if it's the only thing I really need to do (wait a minute). Like on Sunday for instance. I lounged on my deck and read. I knew there was stuff to do, art to make, dishes to wash but I needed some r-n-r.  Perhaps if I write it on my TO DO list it will gain some reverence, importance, READ BOOK ON DECK....I can hear it now, "Whatcha doing there Beth/Mom?"
She looks up from her mass market paperback (I love that term-mass market, as if other versions of the paperback aren't for everyone)
"Oh, just checking things off my to do list", she replies.

On Saturday, I went to see the Sound of Music at our performing "outside" theatre of the arts, Wolf Trap. I brought my dancing, singing son, the only 4 year old who knows the National Anthem, yes, all of the words, the real words. The sky was full of puffy clouds, hurricane Earl was blowing a nice breeze, a kiss hello, Maria was alive in the hills in Austria and I had tears in my eyes (yeah, I know but doesn't everyone have a musical that just turns the faucets on?).  Both elements have a starring role in my life, my time spent as a child at Wolf Trap, I remember it vividly. The Sound of Music, the songs I memorized each and every one, loving Liesl who was much older than me (16 going on 17 by the way), I was more like Brigitta-although not as stern. You can fit yourself into almost every character , that is, well, except the Captain, I never related to him, anad I guess not Kurt or Friedrich either. Okay, all of the girls.
My camera is at my brother in laws house. They have been at the beach and I haven't been able to get it back. I felt naked without it. It's become such a tool of mine. So there is no evidence of that beautiful day but in my mind......

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Summer Art

(The rest of the pieces I did for my outdoor painting class)

I have some pretty good little stories stirring themselves up in my head and not enough time to post them here. Funny, as soon as school starts I will have more time as I am working full time right now getting ready for a fresh crop of 12 year olds. I can't wait (really).  So, they are a coming.