Friday, December 31, 2010

Likings of 2010 (mostly books and music) Part One

Okay, it's not that I am an expert in anything but I do know what I like and this year I thought I would put together a likings of music, art stuff, no particular order: (I'm adding more later as a young girl who just turned three is screaming at me from the other room)

Best Non-Fiction Book:
Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit

Best YA Fiction Book:
The Hunger Games Trilogy
(okay that's three of them)

Best New Music (to me): 
The Avett Brothers

Best New Art Book:
Water, Paper, Paint by Heather Smith Jones
such fun techniques-things I've never thought of-love, love, love this

The Best Time Suck:
Plants Vs. Zombies

Best Kid's Book:
Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara
Not just a great Halloween book-it's smart, funny and all done in relief.

Best New App:
Oliver Jeffer's The Heart and the Bottle
Wow. It's amazing where picture books are going.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Mess

Just fooling around a little- I call this "The Mess".

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a new scanner. The 25 dollar one I have been using has kicked the bucket. You get what you pay for eh? (Seriously need to invest in a good scanner....but then as my graphic design friends like to say it's only as good as its user-like a 4 year old driving a Lambourgini...I will attempt it.)

P.S-Have I ever told you why I am so obsessed with Girl Scouts? 500 posts and I can't remember. I was basically ""ousted" from my scout troop by two evil girls who simply decided they didn't like me anymore like an old pair of Tretorns (I know). I loved Girl Scouts. It broke my heart. I know I'm probably better off. By the way, have you ever seen the Mama Merit Badges-they are too cool.

St. Nick (of time)

Stack-o-gifts for my adopted teen mom (my favorite kind of shopping for those Santa can't get to).
 In my stacks of kid pictures, various family outings, events and such, you will find a surprising absence of Kid with Santa pictures. I know, you can't believe it. I've never understood the mall Santa's like someone had this bright idea, here's how it went,
"I have a great idea! Let's have Santa meet and great kids at the mall on his "throne". Overtired mothers will wait in line for hours with cranky kids who really don't see the pay off of waiting in the long, serpent like line and probably will burst out into uncontrollable tears (scaring all others), meanwhile these weary mothers will not be spending ANY money in ANY stores. Yeegads that's it!"

For years now (if you're lucky) you can see/hear my kids yelling down from the second floor of the mall concourse at Santa what gifts they want for Christmas. I have encouraged this every year after once (jokingly) I suggested to my oldest that he could just yell out what he wanted, bypassing the long line and being able to play on the donated Jet Blue airplane jungle gym (located conveniently next to a really great coffee shop on mall level 2. Everyone is happy).
I know, it's kind of bad mommy of me but I get a kick out of it. And plus, it makes me feel kind of smart.

P.S-I've heard now that they have beepers not unlike restaurants will give you to let you know your table is ready. Only this one beeps "Santa will see you now". It is however on a busy day-a 4 hour wait.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Me, dragging the tree. My husband bet me I couldn't. I could (but not without a lot of complaining.)
Fun with foamies and yes, I know she might be a bit old for a pac-she's almost 3. But I don't care, she sleeps well with one-and that, my friends is worth its' weight in non BPA plastic.

Sitting room only-no problem that's what we do.
I sit here tyuing, typing this wity with gloves on my hands (okay, no more gloves).....yes, here at the Fuller homestead we are going all pioneer. No heat in the house, record low temps. Thank goodness for a fireplace, two furry dogs and fleece (wine too).
Got caught out in the snow this morning and it was a bit more than expected. In the back of my car is a 50 pound bag of dog food (see warm furry friends above) that I couldn't lug into the house the other night-a ha, food for if we get stuck in a ditch. Could you just see us on the evening news, mother with two young kids stuck in her car during snow shower resorts to breaking open bag of Senior Health Iams, says with a little gravy it might not be half bad.....keeps kids alive for hours.
So you can imagine it's been busy here this week with the heat issues starting a full three days ago. There has been some back and forth with parts and miraculous recoveries but it all leads to the fact that the builder in our neighborhood put hamsters in hamster wheels to keep the motors running and those poor little critters just got too cold. I swear, I can hear them squeaking.

So right now, two of the three kiddos are at Grandma's and one is throwing a tantrum because he is COLD but yet refuses to either go upstairs (where there is some heat) or wear a warm sweater-heaven forbid! These days getting my kids to wear coats is a titanic task but that's a whole other post. But right now, the eldest is falling apart like well, my heating unit, not because you can see your breathe in the house or that he misses his brother and sister (ha!), no he has lost it because.....because SOMETHING (some little thing) is different from our regular routine. Recently, the boat has been seeing a little splashing, mainly when there is no maple syrup or Dad went to work early and so mom has to see him off to school. I know you're thinking, wha? But if you have one of those kids, you'll be nodding your head right now.

So I've been thinking about my Christmas list and honestly I just want some time. So dear Santa, would you please bring me just one empty day so I can read upside down off my couch (yes, it's fun and gets the blood flowing), draw up a storm in my "studio" and finally finish all of my orphaned ideas (been busy-see above), or browse aimlessly in a bookstore before 9pm. That's it. I promise, I have been good. (see ALL other posts.)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pocket Full of Eyeballs

Russian artist Evgeny Dobrovinsky sees faces in nature. To prove it, he walks around Sokolniki Park in Moscow with a pocket full of eyeballs. As he sees these faces, he places eyeballs on them and, magically, the characters pop out. (Credit-Stas Jitzky's

How I would love to walk around with a pocket full of eyeballs. I see faces everywhere too but it's brilliant to pop those babies right on there. Love it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Figure 8 (Ver.1)

The scan doesn't do this justice. I am so pleased with the direction I am moving in. Working on paper and moving out of my rectangular mode is so good for me. The underlying paper is from my Girl Scout manual circa 1920's about how to tie a correct bandage which I think is pertinent to the ice skating. I watched my son (now 5) try his hand at ice skating a few weeks ago, fall, get up, fall, get up, look terrified. And eventually he did okay.....a little falling does pay off, skate, glide, go.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


It's a bad thing my laptop has a camera-photo booth is fun and quite addictive. (Note the foamies)

Things I recently realized:

An immersion blender is definitely a must when blending butternut squash soup (yep, I used the regular blender-laugh, it's funny) But the soup WAS good regardless, what was left IN the crock pot.

Cold medicine can not be stock piled however necessary. I pleaded with the neighborhood grandma pharmacy worker (yes, this is the same woman I lost my mind with awhile back when trying to buy a very expensive prescription in order to nurse my hungry 3 month old). I told her that it isn't JUST me getting a cold each time I come to beg for "real" cold medicine (within the 9-6pm pharmacy hours of course). "You see", lady, "when I get a cold my husband does too, " I explained.
I know, I know, that sounds amazingly coincidental right?

Regular off the shelf cold medicine might as well be sugar placebo pills, it works as well as a butter knife would for a lobotomy (I know I've used that metaphor before-I think it's my favorite).

The people on Oprah's Favorite Things show are just actors, they have to be right? There is no way anyone would get that excited about THINGS right? Wait a minute, I can see my show now......pack of 6 Black .05 Sakura Drawing Pens FOR EVERYONE! Wooooo, bring on the tears!

Even though I am an art educator and an artist-my kids and I do love the plastic pre-shaped and sticker backed foamies. I know they are kind of silly, really not very fine art. But on the plus side it's art that will last forever. Amen to that.