Thursday, January 06, 2011

Kinda Sorta-Resolutions.....

Ecojot-love them but when it says sketchbook-blank pages, please

Love those "sketchbooks" above? Yea, me too. But the most disappointing thing....they came LINED. LINED-argh. I don't write on lines, I don't draw on lines. Resolution #1-no more buying sketchbooks that are sealed in plastic-so you can't see the neat little green lines scurrying across each page-like the PLAGUE. So these beauts are sitting in a box in my's kind of like getting a gorgeous gift of  handwoven sweaters only 5 sizes too small.....oh, the ache.

I'm not a resolution at the New Year kind of gal. I like to make them all year long and then kinda sorta follow through. Let's see some of the things I wanted to do this past year:
1. Get a website up-almost done.
2. Stretch and do more yoga.
3. Make more art-yep.
4.Actually finish the "more art"-uh, not so great.
5. Dang it, just make something, anything everyday, okay, that's do-able.
6. Play with my kids more.
7. Stop worrying so much- (I just wish I knew how to do this).
8. Eat better.
9. Put up some curtains.

I did tackle some big home things last year and feel really good about it. But I just can't figure out how to put in drywall screws to save the life of me. You see, I still have extension rods on most of my windows due to the fact that I got tired of the kids pulling the rods out of the wall after using the curtains as HUGE Superman capes. Of course, I have no idea how to use drywall putty to close up those holes.You can see evidence of ineptitude in my kitchen where I tried to disguise an accident after the Tucker Train (our lab-horse) came barreling through skidding across the floor and plowed into the drywall. Ouch! He didn't seem affected though.

So, it's the New Year and I've got one kid taking a "personal" day from school (a.k.a-drive little brother up the wall day with darting looks from me which silently say I will send you back to school quicker than a YouTube Ted Williams video sensation. (He does have a golden voice).

Anyway, if anyone knows how to stop my cyclical worrying other than dosing myself with Zoloft, let me know. I've got some curtains to put up.

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Caatje said...

The books look lovely indeed. If you don't like the lines you can always gesso over them. Or see the lines as a challenge or just a background pattern. If that's too much trouble you might consider giving them away to someone you know who doesn't mind the lines or do a blog giveaway or something. It seems such a pity to keep such beauties unused in a box. I guess you can tell I can't stand to let a good blank book go unused ;-)

I recently bought a set of three moleskine cahiers and upon coming home found out I bought the ones with squared paper by mistake. After a big curse and a lot of repeated thinking of "how stupid can you be?" (yes, I am nice to myself), I decided to use them anyway and see what i could come up with. It may turn out to be one of those fortunate mistakes.