Black Plague

I have a dream.... my dream is that all of my friends and family are snowed in with me along with a never ending supply of food and drink. It's not unlike the stories of the medieval Black Plague where everyone (rich, that is) holed up behind castle walls, eating, drinking, costuming and ball room tromping...of course, in my snowed in state there is no eminent fear of plague seeping through my walls. It's cozy, there is plenty of delicious crock pots a'crocking, coffee brewing, breads rising, and later wine bottles a'poppin. One can always dream-maybe next winter.

Last night I took all three kids out to a family friendly restaurant by myself. This was a death defying feat, one I never thought possible. With three hungry wild cards (3, 5 and & 7) anything could happen. It went smoothly except for when I had to tell my daughter to keep her behind in her pants-she wanted to switch her jeans around as they were on backwards (they were) right there in the booth. I quickly distracted her with dessert. We drove home in a tempest like rain, careening down sideways. By the time all three were asleep the rain had turned to snow, a surprise. I felt wonderful, all cocooned in my home. Let the feast and festivities begin, I thought as I brought a huge medieval drumstick to my lips. Okay, it was a boneless buffalo wing from the restaurant and my only company was asleep and I was just watching House but what can you do when it's only one inch of snow and there's no Black Plague to be found, you just make do.


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