You can see where I've taken down some of my art-making room for new.


 Last night I played a soccer game at 11:30pm. I know, it's a little crazy. But the crazy thing is is that there is a game AFTER that and no one looks at each other like they've got an eye in the middle of their forehead. So I am slumping a bit today. But I'm home which is nice and my son just wants me to sit around and play Plants Vs. Zombies with him (that's about the level of brain involvement I can handle today-Zombie level). I like to think that when I'm 80 something, I'll look back fondly on this questionable playing of sports at the witching hour and smile.

I had a really productive day last Friday. It was an art burst. It unfortunately fizzled out like a sparkler after that. But I'll tell you the most amazing part of it all. My three year old daughter asked, yes asked, to go over to her little buddy and co-conspirator's house to play and off she went. It's a whole new world, my friends.

However, all of his makes me think about time. Counting the years (4) until all my kids are all in school full day is nice but also kind of sad. I am not really trying to shuffle them out the door, kick them out of the nest. I've learned to get things done around them. A lot of my art making happens now with all three of them in my studio (it's a popular place-see earlier post). The other night my oldest brought in his How To Draw book (which somehow Santa gave him without him even asking-smart Santa) and we sat down and drew parrots. I told him that it had helped me learn to draw birds better too (well, parrots). I could see that this made him happy. See, I can't draw everything, I explained. He looks slightly convinced. It's always been a YOU DRAW IT MOM battle with him (can't blame him in some ways). I've lead that horse to the drawing table but I've never forced the pen. It was one of those moments, you know. And then of course, later that night he completely lost it because the late parrot drawing session (what can I say, we were in the groove). I rolled my eyes in the darkness, said goodnight and left the room followed by the sound of a stuffed something hitting the wall as I left. Well, you can't always get what you want can you? But if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need. Cracker anyone?


NaNa said…
This is gorgeous! I love it!

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