Zombies Part 6

appropriate Zombie like artwork-just for fun

My second grader brought home a reference book on Zombies (yes, you read that right) from his school's library today. It's the kind of book that treats the undead as if they were actually real-I guess you would call it a parody of a reference book. It shows them in various PG to PG-13 states, pretty spooky stuff. Well, let's just say that I would never had cracked its cover as a child because the cataract troubled monster on the front holding an unconscious (dead?) woman would have kept me away like well, garlic and vampires. Now, I am a non-book burning card carrying member. I think that Tom Sawyer should be left alone and explained to the young reader-we teachers, call these teachable moments. But this book kind of stopped me in my tracks. It was a bit eye opening and also a complete reminder of the differences between me at 7 (Little House) and my son at 7 (Little Shop of Horrors).

So I sit down with J and we look at the book together. Something about the title and cover were sending me the I better explain this thoroughly message...hmmm.....
"Now J," I explain, "You know that these are just people in costumes right? Like Halloween?
"Uh huh, uh huh, " the boy confirms.
"This is just a fun book about silly things that are supposed to be scary right?" Head nods.
"Yeah, I KNOW mom," J says a bit exasperated (like let's get on to the head eating part already).
"Okay," I say, "just so you know. It's made up, it's just for giggles and laughs and fun scares. Pretend right?"
"Yes, Mom, I KNOW. I know the book is just for fun."
Soooo......what do REAL zombies look like?" he asks.

Oh brother.


NaNa said…
ha! ha! ha! Oh boy... This is so good!

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