Big Picture

Here's a nifty screen shot of Claudine Hellmuth's Big Picture Online class-featuring some of yours truly's artwork. Note my little shout out to myself.....yes, I did that. Anyway, things have been tossed up in the air around here with my being allergic to the whole month of April and the fact that my daughter has entered the "trying 3's" doing her best to stay up well into my studio/exercise (or veg on couch with sketchbook watching House or Modern Family) time at night. I was so needing some alone (away from kids) time last night that when I got turned away from donating blood (a tad bit under the the iron levels) I was disappointed. Also, not being able to help, with giving blood too (of course).

Anyway-it's funny that I am included in a composition class as that's what's bugging me right now on about 10 pieces I have been working on forever.....I was going to post them but then thought, um, no.....but soon.....


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