still lovin' my magnum sharpie
 "Conversely, expectations based on the work itself are the most useful tool the artist possesses. What you need to know about the next piece is contained in the last piece. The place to learn about your materials is in the last use of your materials. The place to learn about your execution is in your execution. The best information about what you love is in your last contact with what you love. Put simply, your work is your guide: a complete comprehensive, limitless reference book on your work. There is no other such book and it is yours alone."

Exerpt from the book Art and Fear (I highly recommend reading this-I don't know why my first college art professors didn't require we read this. I so wish I had read this in 1994. If I ever teach at the college level, it will be a requirement and those hipster art school kids will thank me from the bottom of their 19 year old hearts-ha ha, well, in about 15 years post-graduation perhaps.)


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