6 Is Good For Me

WIP-simple birdhouse

I have a problem these days. I seem to be both a morning and a night person. Actually come to think of it, I'm just a person who needs a little quiet time. So desperate that I stay up until 12:38 just doing whatever I WANT to-wow! I doodle, make art, eat the kid's brownies (ones I brought home from Grandma's house, treats that they don't know about-oops), watch stupid television and movies with the plot line of eight twenty somethings, the woods, ketchup for blood kind of things. Yes, I have a problem. Thing is is that when I get 6 hours of sleep I function better than 7 or 8. This drives my husband nuts. I can't sleep in, I can't go to bed early either. I know the guidelines say 7-8 hours for good health but then I just read the other day that there are some of us who can work with less. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to sleep at all (without all of the being tired stuff, of course).

 So, are you a morning or a night person or both?


nacherluver said…
Loving the bird house piece. I get six or less. Wish I could get 15!
Elizabeth said…
I kind of require 4 hours of by-myself time in the evening at least 4x a week. Worked well when they went to bed at like 7... but now... well, that formula ends up being 1 am usually. And I have to get up in the morning, despite the fact that I would rather sleep in 'til 8
: )
Bridget said…
I'm both! But I hate mornings - I only wake up in the morning because I have to (kids and job) and would much rather sleep until 10 or 11! :) Nights I love! I'm most creative then and no one really bothers me.
NaNa said…
I am defiitely a morning person.
I need to breathe and embrace and feel the early hours in the morning when everybody else is still sleeping. And if I wake up after 10 am, I feel a bit depressed.
And [sigh] I need about 9 hours of sleep to feel good... I know, I know, that's a lot of time. sigh again.
I really need to go to bed at least one hour before midnight. If I go to bed past midnight, I am usually sick the next day... How funny. We all have very different biological rhythms!
Caatje said…
Oh my, I wish I had your problem of needing so little sleep. I am an evening person though. If I could have my way I would wake at 10 am and go to bed at 2 am. That's my natural rythm and I always refer to it when I have a vacation, but my office job won't accept that kind of weirdness of course. For a long time I went to bed extra early to get up extra early, but it just didn't work. No matter what time I go to bed, 6 am is simply too early to rise. So now I get up at 7 and go to bed around midnight and it seems to be working, even though 7 is still a mild form of torture for me. ;-)
This kind of schedule at least allows me plenty of time for reading and art at night and that's what my life is all about, haha.
I love that deck!

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