I am hiding in my studio as I write this. If I type too loudly, they will find me (never mind, I've been found).
Lately, I have been browsing the Vacation By Owner listings for historic properties in Central Virginia. I am needing that working and yet relaxing vacation sometime soon. Just a long weekend in an Empire Style Victorian overlooking the Shenandoah Mountains, thank you. I'm thinking of inviting some friends who may want some time to write, knit, or do something creative with their free time and then also want to trapse off to a winery or two in the afternoon....I think I'd go nuts if it were just me in that big ole' house...wait a minute, did I just say that?

cool liner paper from discarded book found in school library

also from that book about Rockets-love that it's dedicated to three sisters

nice card i got yesterday when they forgot my soy latte-man, i love when that happens

Yesterday, I went to our local mall to take down my students' art display (it's a countywide shindig) and after grabbed a soy latte at the Starbuck's kiosk. I watched as coconut something or others all cascaded by me-all topped with forbidden whipped cream (oh, how I loved you).  Yet, my more orthopedic shoe drink did not make its way across the counter. Eventually, I said something, I actually wasn't in too much of a hurry. Apologetic, the barista whipped it up along with this beautiful card-yes, I am a sucker for such things-the great art and customer service.
Now I am typing this with my 5 year old on my lap because of thunderstorms. And police officers have just pulled up to my neighbor's house.....my goodness, it's no wonder. More later.....(obviously).


nacherluver said…
What a post! Nothing like keeping them wanting more!!! ;)
A. Wilfong said…
can't wait to hear about this tomorrow...
Caatje said…
Oh, a cliffhanger...how exciting. As for that creative little trip, sounds like heaven to me and I'm not even that stressed right now. Go figure.

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