Tomorrow is Friday (in case you were wondering)

Wow, I just realized in my last post that I had thought it was Friday (see below). Now, I could say that it was early (it was) and that I hadn't enough coffee (I hadn't) or it was a typo but sadly, it wasn't. I distinctly remember writing Happy Friday and believing that it was.

Last night my five year old son graduated from pre-school. They played Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend In Me" which of course, made me tear up a little. I know, I know, really, it's pre-school graduation, get a grip. But it's also then end of an era of our little threesome, because next Fall he goes to school everyday and then after that, all day every day...then one child left at home. Now, this is really ironic because yes, that was me, yelling at the top of my lungs today in my van "Really! You two would rather go to Giant with me THAN play on a slip-n-slide with your friends! Really??? #@$!"
(They had chosen to come with me to the store rather than go across the street to play with their friends.)
You're shaking your head, so was I. Oh, I was thinking and fantasizing about how quickly and painlessly I will zip through the aisles and get the darn shopping done-I'd be almost gliding in no kid euphoria.
I know I've said it before and it bears repeating, I hate grocery shopping. I'd rather have my nails ripped off by woodchucks. Grocery shopping with kids is something I usually avoid at all costs-maybe it's the broken eggs, check out candy, Lucky Charm begging, aisle blocking tantrums, mean old ladies who give me the control-your-kids looks (even though, they are pretty good kids all said and done) that I could do without.
However, it wasn't but a month or so ago when I was having lunch with my two little tykes at Wegman's (a much, much better grocery store-other stores, take note. Not only do you feel like you are not at the hell's gates of a grocery store but they have a coffee shop and coffee holders on their carts-bless them) when an older woman (80's or so) said to me, (and I quote) "You are such a wonderful mother. You can tell. Your children listen to you and are so well behaved." My first instinct was to say that it was just a fluke but no, I took the compliment and ran.

Anyway....I'm watching a new episode of Craft In America right now, artists do yourself a favor and watch-they are inspiring, riveting and tear provoking. I clearly feel I should do more after watching them, push boundaries and make more, more, more......


nacherluver said…
Love the art piece.
Cute post.
Heading to the link @ bottom.

A. Wilfong said…
I wish our grocery store was a Wegmans. But not because of the coffee -- because of the sheer volume and variety of items in the Natural Products section. LOVE.

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