just a little diddy

Went to the frame shop to pick up my Three Sisters for the Touchstone Show yesterday. I thought it was weird that they hadn't called, but it's small personal operation and had the utmost confidence that my art would be there, smiling at me, ready. But it wasn't. I'm not going to spend this short little post saying bad things about people. Shucks, I should have given it more than two weeks (that is a standard turn around time) but regardless. He's getting it done today so I can bring it in tomorrow-ruining my plans for a relaxing afternoon sipping pina coladas pool side with my bookclub/girlfriends at my friend Melissa's manor home (really, it's like out of a movie). Anyway, instead, I am driving into the city again (I'm doing it today too-see, that would have been perfect-I had to go today anyway).....ah, best laid plans you are not for me. Plans in general......argh. What can ya do?


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