People With Perfect Kids Need Not Apply

Really cool Notan designs done by my 6th graders (before their brains switched into Summer Mode- love em')

My daughter (3) has just finished shoving popcorn in her mouth with intensity of Cookie Monster on a cookie binge (I wish I could add sound to this post as it would be so appropriate.) Popcorn bits flew every which way, accompanied by a sinister laugh. I'm groaning, now, I've got to clean all of this up. Because, really, even though the Super Nanny may say she needs to help clean up, we all know who ends up really doing it. So it seems that I am being book ended by challenging kids. The soft fluffy marsh mellow sweet son squished into in the middle (is that typical middle child? Will I pay for this later?) Now, I'm wondering if my daughter is going to require me to check out more books from our local library. Raising Your Spirited Child (it is really all it's cracked up to be) is the only parenting book that I found helpful, along with the straight forward and dependable Raising Boys) Or is this is just being three? We'll see.

Just recently I've been really happy with living in my little tea cup sized community. The kids run free. The parents in our immediate area are not just "parents of my kids' friends" but friends of mine as well. The best thing about them is that they do not have perfect children (myself included). And best, best, of all they don't pretend like they do. There is nothing worse than that dealing with that.
If I could look back a few years on this blog you would find a pretty isolated mother and artist. My neighbors were here but my kids were too young to play together-we wandered in post baby hazes not really peeking out of our cocoons. However, I will tell you that just becoming a mother doesn't automatically make ALL mothers and neighbors be instant friends (I'm just lucky). My husband didn't get this for awhile until I explained it in sports terms. "Okay," I said, "You like football right? But does that mean then that you will get along WITH every man who likes football? Okay, never mind don't answer that, but you get my drift."
So we are extremely lucky to have very similar parenting philosophies here on Magic Mountain (yep-that's the cheesy name of my road).

I haven't been posting much due to the very busy and crazy end of school year. Only a couple more days......and then I'm planning on doing very little....little things with the kids, small excursions, mini art opening.....or something like that.


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