Road Less Traveled By

there's a story behind these two, I'll tell you later......

Bugs are running suicide missions into my studio window tonight. Because it's late and there's a light on in here. It was a tough day. Most of the day, I felt like a child' inflatable pool left out for a night or two. Stagnant, mosquito water, bitter and biting like the flies, I was today. The mother part of me goes full swing in the summer. Three kids, all home and no it seems, mine is the, yes, the house to be in. So I attract all manner of boys tromping through. And if I wasn't feeling like a putrid pool of water today, I would have smiled with my lot. I like it. I like that kids like it here. Thank goodness for short memory spans of the under 9 demographic. They will forget that I kicked them all out of my house today....
Tonight, my daughter (the one who cried for two hours straight this morning-causing my not so pretty implosion) and I went to the grocery store. And upon returning home, we  found that we were at the end of a long line of cars on the road waiting for an invisible flag man. The direct road home was closed for maintenance of some sort. And so I made my favorite left. It's a left that wanders around beautiful countryside here in Virginia. The kind you wouldn't even know about unless you lived here-a locals road, if you will. Old schoolhouses hidden at each winding turn converted to homes, fieldstone barns, grazing horses, green, green and more green. The sun was setting in a glorious orange melon glow and I took the long way home. I smelled the honesuckle, listened to my daughter bite a lollipop in half, crunch and promptly fall asleep.
My husband, after pulling up in the driveway, "What took you so long? (because it did)".

Well, sir, I took the road less traveled by and that, has made all the difference. Sigh. Crunch. Goodnight.


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