Curly Girl

brought my sketchbook-didn't sketch, darn kids.

 Just got back from a really quick trip down to the Outer Banks. I can't help it every time I say that, I think of the Outer Limits-twilight zone kind of thing. And it is a kind of twilight zone, and an over run one at that. Duck, NC used to be a place where you could simply get away. As a 12 year old it was sooooo BORING and now that sounds like heaven to me. (In recent memory, I actually can not think of the last time I was bored.) Now the Harris Teeter (new alternative to the only Food Lion), is teeming with New York accents bouncing off the chips shelves and the deli line there rivals Cold War Russian bread queues. Don't they have beaches in New York? Um, yes, I do believe they do. I guess the same could be said for me, seeing as that Virginia has beaches as well.
I always come back from the shore super nostalgic. It's been a family tradition almost every year of my life aside from a few years in college (money) and living out in Colorado (too far for vacation and well, money). I love watching my little ones riding the waves, jumping the foam and cheering for the crash. It's invigorating.
And now back to being home with my kids full time and I am, honestly, pulling my hair out. And speaking of pulling hair out.....yesterday, my daughter had what looked like a rat tail to rival all rat tails hanging from the back of her hairline. We just got her curly locks trimmed and the hairdresser actually did a great job with it.  All curly (me) headed gals know that not everyone can cut curly hair. It's like saying that all cooks can do pastry-yes, curly hair is like dessert (ha!). So I thought, did she miss a piece? I went up to A. to do a little investigating. I tugged gently on that rogue curl and it fell into my hand. I gasped, ran my hand through the rest of her do and more and more curls were emancipated. She and her buddy had been cutting their hair in my upstairs bathroom. Now, I am really trying to not constantly tell my daughter how cute she is (which she is, except for when she is crying, which is a lot of the time) I recently read this by Lisa Bloom. (It's good although a bit too "motivational speaker"). But I couldn't help it, looking at the abandoned c's all over the floor, I cried (a little).
You see, I did not plan on having a daughter so much like me. What I mean to say is that, she is right now, a small replica of myself (except for that her eyes are huge and round, mine more squinty-probably because I squint?). Her hair is wild, her voice has my rasp, she is stubborn and really good at fighting her father who is always bugging her for a hug and a kiss, she is fiercely independent, and prone to wearing "sportswear".  I have battled my curls for years and finally won-well, they are slightly tamed, or else, I just let it be.
So when I saw the curls, I collapsed a little. She's going to battle her curls too. She's going to battle a lot of things in her life. And I will be there with Aveda taming curl gel and a tissue in hand. But right now, there's a fire to be put out in my living room, a few PB&J's to be made, a kid to pick up at camp, god love em', I'm ready to go back to the beach....


stamping bella said…
Ok so from one insane curly headed sistah to another.. Take a look at this website
He has amazing product and watch the videos on curl keeper k? Promise? It's amazing and I have tried Everything. Trust me!
nacherluver said…
This post is honest, refreshing, real, entertaining, all wrapped in one! Love it. Although I'm not sure I completely agree with Lisa Bloom, I do see her point and the validity in what she says. I like to tell every kid they are beautiful, amazing, worthy, special, and magic. I want my kids to ooze with self-esteem in every way. I will remember what she has said and I will make note not to praise the "looks department" first. Good pointer.

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