Draw, Draw, Draw

Mattias Adolfsson

Did you know....I love to draw? Love, love, love it. I saw this over at Book By It's Cover (a wonderful blog that causes me to buy way too many books-but that is NOT a bad thing, mind you.) This book is a book of artist Mattias Adolfsson's sketchbooks. I flipped though it today page by page happy as a monkey in a banana tree.  I received it yesterday in the mail from Sweden and it was handed to me by my Kenyan postman-making me feel oh so worldly tucked away here in my little Round Hill.

Right now, I am juggling a few projects as well as the three kids. I found myself (after two hours of crying, dramatic, can't figure out her feelings three year old-I'm not kidding unfortunately) literally praying with two hands held together held up to the sky.  Saint Anthony is the patron of lost things is my favorite.
"Saint Anthony, " I prayed with hands clasped together, "Find me the strength to get through this day, Amen, thank you very much, amen and whatever else." And my daughter promptly fell asleep, curled up on the couch.....


stamping bella said…
K I need this book pronto.
A drama queen? Not so much..I have my own :)
Can't wait to hear about your project ;)
Caatje said…
Damn, now I want that book too. It's not like I don't alreay have like 3000 other books on my wishlist, but this looks wonderful. Those treebranches with the birds and the beasties in them, love love love!

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