just like these pops of red-this is my I can't seem to finish table

hand painting fabric designs-changing it up a bit so as not be stealing:)

more legs, liking the orange and olive green combo these days

the boy has an upside down ice cream cone on his head by the way-in case you were wondering

I just had to post the messy workspace pictures......it makes me laugh.

Random thoughts:

You know, I was thinking the other day about how much more I got done when my youngest was a baby....how is that? A baby? Oh, yeah, they take naps and don't cut their hair (still finding curls in my bedroom tucked in between bedsheets)....and recently, it seems that I am going to have to TEACH my kids how to play. My neighbor across the street invited all THREE of mine over to play, any, all, but nope they'd rather stay here and ask me myriads of questions like "When are we going to make cookies Mom?" (never said we were doing such a thing). And "Are you making artwork AGAIN?" (yes) and "Are you going to be famous?" (well, of course, hee hee hee).

It's 95 degrees outside but feels like 236. Have I mentioned that unless I am at the beach I am a big dis-liker of summer? Blasphemous, yes-I just hate being stuck inside when it looks perfectly FINE out there. With winter you can see where you might fall into a snow drift or slip on the icy sidewalk (in my opinion tons more beautiful than the witch's broomstick grass we have on display right now). Summer is deceiving here in Virginia. You can't actually see the danger of extreme heat. Summer here entices you with a nice dollop of sun each day only to wallop you with what I can the wet heat blanket, thump and wrapping you up in it like a mobster throwing you in the trunk of unbearable humidity.....dramatic, I know.

I'm reading all of the Harry Potter books this summer. Just finished the third only to go upstairs to my son's room to exchange it for the doorstop of a book four, yikes, 732 pages? And you know what? They are pretty DARN good.....Scholastic and Rowling might be on to something there. (chuckle, chuckle).


Ludid said…
oh, i so enjoy your illustrations and seeing a bit of the process is the icing on the cake.

my son is an only child. i've had to teach him how to play by himself so i have some time. luckily, he loves spending time with me in the studio. he does his projects and i do mine.

it is incredibly hot here too. it is hard to enjoy the summer like that, but doing the best i can.

love the new website too.
Jenni said…
Fun post!
Love seeing works in progress and your studio pic.
I know what you mean about playing! What's up with that? I started using the famous "when I was a kid..."
I'm looking into a kick the can & freeze tag workshop for the kiddies ha
Caatje said…
How nice to see a little of your process through these pictures.
I am a summer disliker, but with me it's because I just don't like the heat. Also it gets really busy here on the island during vacation season and I really can do without all those people getting in my way ;-)
nacherluver said…
Hung onto this post for a day so I could keep glancing back at the fun that is your desk. You are so inspiring. LOVE your work! LOVE IT!!!

Cute post. We're suffering with the same weather conditions up here in the midwest. Bleck! Lots of books being devoured in our home too (in the a/c of course).

Read on and stay cool my friend. Read on.
Beth HF said…
I just don't know what it is right now but I am so so so thankful for all of you giving me such inspiring words. Thank you for all of the love and kind words. I just love the love:)

I say this as I am literally STICKING to my chair-fall, oh, fall....

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