May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new scanner right now (he doesn't know what he's in for). Surprisingly, this little piece actually came in okay this morning but 200 dpi seems to be the limit. I'm working on some art that needs to be at the least 800dpi (line art) and my little Canon just turned in his retirement papers. Great timing. However, I know that Anne our designer for Brain,Child will be thrilled when my files don't show up in her inbox looking like they were done in crayon and smudged, furry and blurry as well as some other creative gals awaiting inbox clogging files.

The piece above has a transparent postcard (reduced in size) in the bottom right. That was a transfer I made a few years ago by ironing ink jet transparency paper onto tissue paper (labor intensive but pretty cool). The valentine postcard is from Mount Crawford, Va 1905-I have the original. If you look really, really closely the words from the back of the postcard came through in the transfer. It says "Why don't you write?" and that's it, the rest of the card is blank. And the sentiment...May all your troubles be little ones, says it all, yes?


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