Summer Color

It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate,
it takes strength to be gentle and kind,
over and over and over.
It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate,
It takes guts to be gentle and kind,
Over, over.

~Jeff Buckley
OK, back to work.......lots of art being worked on in between the craziness that is my homestead. Only 4 kids in my house right now-a record.

But real quick, I'm wondering: Is it bad......
that sometimes I want to be one of my dogs, just lay around all day (except their food leaves much to be desired)

that I buy a couple of pounds of cherries just for myself (I mean, my kids look like vampires when they eat them and stain everything in sight-I even think that they sneak up to my closet and find that ONE white shirt I bought after a few margaritas at the Cheecake Factory near the mall-two things I rarely do (not the marg part).

that I told my son yesterday that he isn't evil just some of things he does are.

that I stayed up until 1am last night watching There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane on HBO and I almost always find myself siding with a young mother but I just want to, to, to......not going to say it. 

that I was drinking red wine while watching it? (but not driving, thank you very much).


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