Chalk It Up To Stress

Well totally OMG.
I ventured over to the PBS channels last night and watched Stress, Portrait of a Killer. And folks, I can't believe it BUT I am stressed. No way.
Yes, you are thinking, lady, seriously, you have three young kids (whose idea was that anyway?), no less than six kids in your house at all times, a job teaching pre-teens, art deadlines and more.....but here's the deal, I always think well, how can I be stressed when there are starving, homeless people, people immersed in war and stars dying of drub abuse (nah)-obviously they are allowed to be more stressed than me.....what business do I have to be stressed? But then I stress about that......I think I used to call it worrying. Wow, what denial.

You want to know what I am stressed about right now? Drawing on a chalkboard. I know, I know, really? I've been asked to be part of a wonderful Chalk Festival in Shepardstown, West Virginia and I get the fun job of drawing inside the local coffee shop (I love me a good coffee shop). I am not a pastel/chalk person. I am trying to locate a chalkboard so I can practice. Really. I have a great idea for the art...and it will probably be better than I think it will be. I am just not comfortable being on display. Basically, I will be creating artwork while people watch me. I mean, when I was young, while in church, I figured out a way to actually stop myself from sneezing so as not to draw attention to myself. Don't get me wrong, I am not shy, oh, not at all, I'm just not usually the center of attention, nor do I want to be. I find it's better to blend and observe and speaking of blending, I think you do that with pastels.....oh, crap, I better go practice.


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