Hypno Coffee

beginning of my chalk/pastel adventure

coming right along (what you don't see is the sweaty artist making this thank goodness)

had to move into the shade  

ta da! 

Yes, I was nervous about working with pastel, a little. But it was wonderful! Of course, I did absolutely NO blending or burnishing or any of the pastely (yes that is a word) things you are supposed to do with the medium but I did it MY way (sing that part please). Sheperdstown, West Virginia (the oldest town in WV) is an amazing little town (if not a bit hippy but I'll let them pass on that, I mean, I did live in Boulder for three years). It's full of houses I want to immediately move into, especially the one with the carousel horse in the window. We are talking houses dating back to the 1700's (European people, to you that's infancy I know but to us it's OLD), with wide creaky porches and vintage opera houses turned into restaurant/music venues, shops, art studios and more. And it is a college town, Sheperd University (many teachers go there-originally a teaching college-like my alma mater, JMU), has about 4000 students. Anyway, I'm going to have to visit again. The shop I did the sign for was Hypno Coffee who graciously provided me with the best iced coffees I have ever had-yeah, I am no dummy offering to draw for the local coffee shop.


nacherluver said…
Love it! Sounds like a place I would love to visit. Glad you were compensated in drinks for the heat you endured! Clever.
Zee said…
Hi Beth! Thanks so much for visiting me!
You rock with the pastels. You did your way and it rocks! Such beautiful colors.
I've visited West Virginia in 2005, a city called Morgantown. It looks like those primitive/americana paintings.
Gotta explore your blog a bit more...

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