A New Favorite Read

Because my brain is completely fried by working for the past five days straight (yes, I realize how spoiled that sounds but everyone knows that working at home and working at school are both very different and very tiring things.) If you didn't know from spending a little time either with me or reading this blog, I teach sixth grade art part time. So a couple of days a week, I get my crazy on and mingle with gaggles of 11-12 year olds. I have to put my classroom together and attend meetings on grading and such for a full week and a half before school starts. So here's a new favorite of mine right now because my brain is on bypass:

oh comely
I ordered this absolute treat of a magazine one night not realizing that it was based in the U.K. Shipping was about as much as the magazine itself and so I had them send it to my dear friend who lives in London. Now she gets to enjoy them and then bring them over to me here in the States when she visits. Happy for everyone. She plunked this stack down on my lap at the 40th bday field party we went to last weekend that I am still recovering from, dancing until 2am....like we were 30 again (ha!). I of course, left them outside my tent (did I mention that this was a field party?) And now they are a little crumply but thankfully, still fun to read.


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