Plastic Eye

All of these done with the wonderful photoshop action called Plastic Eye

The pictures are from our local county fair. That's a whole other post I am brewing up. Right now, I am totally procrastinating.....okay, it's not just that. I really should have planned more activities for my children this summer. I know, it totally goes against my unconstructive play time summer plans. So I am wrapping up Brain,Child work right now as well as some other fun TBA stuff before he head off to Salvo, NC this Sunday. Okay-enough chatting......but first, if you have Photoshop and you haven't learned about "actions" yet. I suggest you click on the Plastic Eye link in the caption above. It's super cool the things you'll find-the best part is that other amazing photographers have already done the hard part-figuring it all out. Of course, I do plan on donating to thank them. Or maybe, I shouldn't because they are, of course, enabling me to.....procrastinate! (a joke, a joke).


nacherluver said…
cool! gonna have to check it out. great colorful shots! thanks for sharing. ;0)
owen-b said…
Hi there - noticed that some people had visited my site via this one and found your post. Glad you enjoyed using the action! I personally really enjoy using it on cropped square photos but it looks great on your fairground shots.

Lovely artwork elsewhere on your blog. Thanks again for linking back.

Best wishes,

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