Stamping Bella! (And Three Sisters)

My new stamp over at Stamping Bella

 Okay, big news. I am branching into the world of stamping! No, not the collecting kind. Art stamps! One night, I received this email via my Flickr account from Emily (love her) over at Stamping Bella- would I want to turn my art into rubber?? Wow, it was late, and I thought, what? Oh yeah, stamps! What a great idea, now everyone can be as obsessed as I am with drawing, hmmm....maybe that's not a good thing. Anyway, I spent many years carving out of linoleum in college and a little after-basically I was making stamps. Although, I didn't know it then. I kind of feel like this is coming home-does that make sense?

(Now because I have only had half of a cup of coffee and just literally got back from the beach last night at 10:30pm-this will be part one of two). But these Canadian (Stamping Bella is based out of Canada) gals are on TOP of things and are they going to zip on over here to visit and I want to WELCOME them! You will also see that Studio Fuller is changing into Three Sisters right now. I am one of three wonderful creative and supportive sisters and three sisters always pop up in my work (there's something about three that I love too, the dynamic).....I never really liked Studio Fuller or even meant for it to be around this long. I used Studio Fuller as kind of a joke as I didn't even have a studio when I started this blog and I was trying to make a comment on how serious "artistes" seem to be. You know, my art is about childhood, fun, old things, memories (old and new), fabric, books, all the things I love...which I have found others love it too (bonus!) Okay, overly peppy, post here. Anyway.......please pardon our dust as we change things around's going to be marvelous.


Ludid said…
how exciting. congratulations!!!
it was only a matter of time :-).
Caatje said…
congratulations on new ventures. I think your work will make some very cute stamps!
Also wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog, much appreciated.
paulatracy said…
HEY Beth!! paulabella checking in and I colored up your vintage gumball machine for the release. LOVE your style baby! I loved Emily's framed legs and I will be a new looker on your blog. Welcome to the world of Stamping Bella!!
Elizabeth said…
Yikes! Here I am catching up on August posts (we were gone a lot in August, not much blog reading going on) and I totally missed my chance to congratulate you in a timely manner! But, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! : )

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