Heart on a String

Most wonderful print from The Monstress (Libby Clarke) a friend from college.

This print arrived from a friend from college. She is sending out prints to reconnect, to send some love to friends and family. I asked timidly-could I be one? And voila not a week later this appeared at my door, curled up in wonder. I can't wait to get it framed.
At JMU, I loved her humor and her art. I wanted to have her confidence and laissez faire. And of course, as after spending hundreds of hours in a basement studio with tons of chemicals on the brain-we found that we were all some sort of crazy. 

I really, really, miss printmaking. And I haven't been making much art lately. My kids (and other people's) and although I love them are sucking up all of my time. Creativity really takes a nose dive with my mini-me in high gear (she's yelling at me now)....time to go. I'm going to carve out some time here....too much crazy going on.


Martushka said…
i love the print, it's amazing

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