Put the Big Ones In First

I read something about putting the "big rocks" a.k.a your most important things, people, hopes first into your hypothetical jar of rocks. Then you can fill in with the little. But if you fill your jar up with all of the little things then there will be no room for the big. Nice metaphor. So here's my jar, for real.

Today, I took the wrong car keys to school stranding my husband at home with our three year old. You see, we only have one set of my mini- van keys because I drove off with my set on top of my husband's car a couple of years ago....are you sensing a theme here? Since the beginning of the school year I feel like I just played spin my head on the bat (you know the game where you put your head on a bat and run around in dizzy circles, drop the bat and go flying off into a lawn chair or something), yes, that is the perfect metaphor for me these days....now how to draw that.


Zee Longenecker said…
And I've been worrying about little things...I need to focus!
My husband already left to work couple of times with my set of keys...now I always hide my keys from him!
I loved this collage/illustration.

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