10 on a Thursday

In the vein of Elizabeth's10 on a Tuesday

1. A Coast Guard helicopter landed in the soccer field at our school right behind my house this morning.

2. It was an assembly.

3. I need to read the school newsletters more closely.

4. I went gluten free again but yet ate a piece of cake yesterday at work, please someone tell me how to tap into that thing called willpower.

5. I am reading Tana French's In The Woods right now and have been completely ignoring my kids (future therapy bills). But however, I think it will be worth the neglect since I haven't read a book this great in forever. AND bonus, there are more in the series.....

5. American Horror Story is the craziest show on television. You had me at Hell-o. (I can see more therapy bills in my future). It's not for everyone, even though the writers are the ones from Glee (wow, they are not in Ohio with this one).

6. We have a skeleton hanging on our front door. Our town is very windy making Mr. Bones scrape across the metal of the door constantly. What's that?  my three year old asks when she hears the ominous scratching sound, oh that's just the skeleton on the front door, is my reply and it's perfectly acceptable.

7. Has anyone ever noticed how ugly Jay Leno's set is?....wood paneling? Steve Martin was on last night-normally I am a Letterman gal.

8. I have a crush on Steve Martin. (I mean who doesn't?)

9. I am supposed to be drawing right now but I am all revved up by the helicopter landing.

10. Did I mention that a helicopter landed practically in my backyard this morning?



Elizabeth said…
Yay for Ten on Tuesday any day of the week! Your helicopter story reminds me of the time the elementary school behind our house had some crazy cannon-firing man in for an assembly... I didn't have kids in school at the time, and my neighbor and I called each other to make sure we didn't have a gas line explode or something. Oh my gosh, it was loud.

I have heard that Into the Woods is good... I just finished up two YA books about werewolves (not my normal genre). Shiver (for book club) was OK, but Sweetly, which I picked up on a whim at the library? It was fantastic. Modern retelling of Hansel and Gretel. I loved it, and totally abandoned more important tasks to finish today : )

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