Before you have kids people might say things to you like:

Get ready to clear off those coffee tables, you won't be putting anything on there anytime soon.

 Say goodbye to ever going to the bathroom by yourself again. Oh and showers too.

Get plenty of sleep, you're gonna need it.

But no one, I repeat, no one has probably ever said for you to get ready to see sticky Halloween eyeballs above your front entrance every damn day because your kid threw them up there and now they are permanently stuck and too high to reach even with a ladder. Oh and if you dare try to poke at them with the end of a broom they will leave behind a trail of slime on your builder grade flat white paint not unlike a slug's.

Now let's look at some beautiful pumpkins and such from our field trip to the farm-it's the eyeball-less side of October:

cinderella pumpkin  

pickin' an apple

surprisingly my kids did not want to take this one home (?)

did you know there are over 7000 different types of apples (see I was listening to the farmer)





Candied Fabrics said…
OMG - when I first read that I thought your kid VOMITED the eyeballs up there - and I'm laughing and laughing and trying to figure out how projectile that vomiting was. Upon rereading, I realize that they threw them up their with their hands. I like my version better, but I bet you prefer the reality! :-)
Caatje said…
I have the real snail's version all around the house. Um..okay not IN the house (thank god) but outside. Snails rule my in neighboorhood and just let the pesky humans live among them.

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