Think Too Much!

Sky is finally blue. Joints have finally stopped aching. Still, I'm in a grumpy mood. I'll come back later when I can be more agreeable. But first, you know when you just google a simple idea, like, say, I want a spooky book to read at this time of year so I search for that and then that search leads to another and next thing you know you are not where you thought you'd be (a.k.a some really creepy movie/book website).....the internet is a dangerous place for impressionable minds like mine. I'm such a glutton for punishment because now I can't stop thinking about how messed up people are and while I live in Brigadoon, those lunatics are out there......real, imagined, in books and movies. I thought about telling my husband last night but couldn't figure out how to phrase my words. "You see, I was looking for good scary reads on GoodReads and then that led to this creepy movie site and then linked to reading about real husband and wife serial killers (what I didn't need to know) and now my inquiring mind wants to know where is Barbie of the Ken and Barbie Killers and how could she be free (because she is) after murdering her own sister with her husband and then.........." on and on. He'd roll his eyes and say, "You think too much. AND you read too much!" Thus quantifying his theory that I do have my head in book way too often.....and wasn't it BOOKS that got you into this mess anyway, he'd say......hmmmm....maybe he does have a point. Okay, it's back to memoirs for me.


nacherluver said…
Me thinks you think just right.

I love everything you create and write.

Beth HF said…
Thanks so much!! Me is still thinking:)

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