Wisdom (teeth)

just a little diddy

I had one of my two wisdom teeth pulled out today. Many people would just shrug that off as mundane every day material since practically every person on the face of the earth who goes to the dentist regularly (or intermittently) has had their wisdom teeth out. But, no, with me, it's like no one has ever done it before me, it's groundbreaking, it's worthy of my very own Nintendo DS (see tonsilectomy with 7 year old son). Even as I write this, there are gobs of blood (not alarmly though) trailing down the back of my throat, an oyster slide of blood meal if you will (this may be the last time you ever read my blog, I know). It's tough people! It's a hard, hard rain that's gonna fall!

My son (5) fell down today, playmate on top, sandwiching him between the soccer ball and the boy. Crying, he came up to me and I said, "Oh yeah, kid, you got it bad? Look at this." And I appropriately spit out a wad of blood. That, my friends, is instant Kindergarten street cred and just the type of thing I'll do to get a little sympathy.
"Milk it for what it's worth," said my husband. Little does he know, little does he know......
(happy weekend).


Antonia Malchik said…
Bet your son's classmates aren't gonna be messing with him :)

Hope you feel better. Two days after I got my wisdom teeth pulled my grandmother gave me a tiny flask of whisky. Don't think it was meant to be mixed with the codeine.
Caatje said…
Oh, the drama of it all! I laughed out loud at this post. You are one scary mum. ;-)
But...my laughing will soon pass, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and even though all my wisdom has already been pulled he'll be doing creepy things to one of my teeth too. Not looking forward to that. :-(
Hope all your bleeding has ceased by now, but keep milking it anyway!
KackyK said…
So glad you came through okay! Hey I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award, here is the link to my post http://assumption-academy.blogspot.com/2011/10/stylish-blogger-award-2011.html

Oh and do you have the scary bruises on your face now? That'll make them leave you alone too ;)
Beth HF said…
Kacky thanks! That's so cool:) I didn't get bruises or the swelling-shucks!!

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