Death By Carrot

I have just sat down to watch a marathon of back logged Work Of Art. Man, I love that show. I just have such respect for those artists being able to work under such pressure and their ability to make things out of thin air, like say, a light box with gold enlay with overlapping super detailed drawing so that the light shines through making the drawing ethereal and and hot and cold flapping doors....the show requires so much more know how than just being able to draw. Kymia is my favorite. Her drawing skills are spot on. She recently won a challenge and had her amazing drawing auctioned off for charity. I so would love to be able to bid on it at Sotheby' soon as I find an image of it, I'll try to post it but let's just say it had to do with a girl eating a house, a dog and finally dying by carrot...ahhhhh, it would be perfect in my dining room (chuckle).

Above is oldie but goodie......I used to draw without thinking so much. This one done in ink and coffee. So I am going to start working on some larger drawings like these with more complexity (not just one object) and yes, some hot and cold folding doors.


stamping bella said…
I am so happy that scumbag druglord sweat hog is gone lol Lola is a witch.. I am voting for young or Arkansas guy

Love the sketch!

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