Woke this morning, hands can barely close, fingers like brittle twigs. Spirits in the dumps (did have a great Thanksgiving though). Can not figure out why my arms and hands are hurting so bad. So NOW, out goes the dairy. So I've been vigorously gluten free for one month now, turning down Wegman's pizza, my mom's homemade rolls and even Fat Tire beer (my favorite), yes, it's true. First picture, I decide not to let this stop me from putting together some pieces and completely cover my clean studio floor. (My husband made me clean it a couple of weekends ago, oh, no, really it was a good thing. And it made room for my new red chair, which I love, love, love. The chair already stood the test of kids...apparently when I was on my weekend away, my daughter and friend made a CAKE out of it, frosting it with water glue. Are you seeing some kind of trend here? Husband left at home with daughter and her friend, studio mayhem. Yeah, me too.)


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