After graduating from college in 1994, I had a hard time figuring out what's next. Where most people would be thinking jobs I had no such thoughts of grandeur, well not a real job anyway. A studio art degree means basically you are qualified for practically every job. You can transform art even into patty flipping. I'm not a slacker, don't get me wrong. I have good credit and I almost always have. Unheard of for an artist right? Good credit, no debt, paying my bills, only taking a few handouts from my parents, actually lending my sister money while we were both in college. It's the oldest child syndrome to be so responsible.
So what did I do? Well, I began to watch episode after episode of Roseanne. And I loved it. I recently found out that Oxygen runs marathons of Roseanne during the day. So I sat down to doodle and watch a few (of course with kiddos playing somewhere in the house) and was pleasantly surprised to see how much her tv family resembles mine, well, no, not really, but a good chunk of it plays out in my three child household right now. And I am also pleased to say that I've got a little Roseanne in me too. I recently read Roseanne Barr's piece in the New York magazine.
And enjoyed it immensely.

I have been more busy than I ever have been-hence the pittance of posts. Challenging teaching, six days a week of sports practices and games.....whew. But here's some fun Halloween pictures and ghost hunt pictures to make up for my lack-o-funny.

House in Harpers Ferry

Walking down into Harpers Ferry

Most haunted house in town

Our guide telling us the spooky stories

Walking up up up

Bottles in my friend's Canal House Restaurant

See any ghosts?
All store bought-that's right, I said it.

Me on Halloween in vintage 1980's wedding dress (thanks Ebay). It's handmade, fully beaded and fully not intended for this purpose.


nacherluver said…
The show Roseanne is a hilarious and truthful comedy about a working class family. Love! And the woman Roseanne is an in-your-face spitfire and an honest woman and I love her for that! Thanks for the link to the article. She looks stunning! I love that she keeps her grey. She sets a great example of 'being yourself'.
Love the photos you have shared here as well.

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