Things I Have Been Enjoying

I am so happy with this, can I say that? Yes, I can.

In lieu of gooey bread, butter, pizza, pie, cake, cheese, hands that work correctly and more, I am finding solace in some simple things (as best as I damn well can).

1. candles that smell like winter spruce

2. a good red wine

3. my Pentel slicci pen .25 (where have you been all of my tiny little lines life?)

4.fixing all of the toliet paper roll holders in my house

5. finally getting a sink that will hold a pot

6. being able to return the sink since I absentmindedly bought the wrong size (it's the Celiac), thanks Home Depot easy return policy.

7. Being able to order correct size online-whew.

8. Old books friends are sending me to turn into art-I'm loving the interaction between me and you.

9. Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin pie coffee (pre-ground-blasphemy!)

10. Advil (the artwork above should be sponsored by ibuprofen).

Sooooo.....the pain in my hands, arms, fingers,'s Celiac. And I know it for sure. And, and, and......I am getting relief, albeit slowly and I'm thrilled. Yes, really. It took my hands and fingers feeling like they were about to fall off but I am back to my original (and correct) diagnosis. What a journey (not). My husband says to me that he is amazed with what I have put up with these past two years but that I didn't stop the madness until my drawing and hands were put in jeopardy. You'd'd think......alas, I am feeling good today.


LR said…
i love this. will you be selling this one as a print?

best wishes.
KackyK said…
Oh so glad you are feeling some relief on the horizon. No cheese either? Do you have a good substitute? We might have a dairy-free kiddo over here soon and I just don't know what to do without cheese for her. And good to know about the DD, wondered if those flavors were good ;)
Antonia Malchik said…
So sorry! My dad has pretty severe Celiac. Cutting out the gluten has made a tremendous difference in his life, but as you know it's not always easy.

I've found Tinkiyadda pasta and Udi's and Kinnikinnick breads pretty good. What seems hardest is dealing with things like soy sauce and Worcestershire and other stuff when you're out. Even for my son I've found his favorite all-natural good chocolates have wheat in the glaze. All those hidden glutens ...

BUT for all our sakes I'm hoping the pain is receding because your art is so awesome :)
Beth HF said…
Awhhhh shucks, thanks!! I will put this one up as a print. Of course, any, all, of you can just go right through me for that. I can't believe how much better I feel. It's been a slow art time seeing as that it hurt to draw, anything, fine motor was tough (is still a bit). I had trouble sleeping and couldn't put the darn goldfish in snack bags to save my life.
I am still eating a little dairy, like goat cheese but just really trying to cut back.
Wegman's has yogurt cheeses that are amazing-they are lactose free. If it's the lactose that is the problem. It seems to be that for me. Also, swiss cheese, called Lacey or something like that is lactose free too. Wegman's also has that. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that place:)

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