Lick the Lollipop

 I snapped this picture when we were in New York a few days ago. We trekked the kids into the city from Long Island where we were visiting Bobby's family. It was stormy sea of people busy. So many people were simply gawking at the head sized lollipops the boys were licking that I thought maybe Ryan Gosling was standing behind our table, all of the smiling, giggling and staring. We were the most colorful things in the city (next to Times Square of course).

waiting for the train

it was soooo cold-flags were whipping

sensing a lollipop theme here?

St. Patrick's (weird angle-it was so cold that I had trouble taking pictures, we were also walking too fast).

This year, I resolve that I am going to take the time to stop and lick the lollipop.


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