Ten Things

Boy, I wish I had more time these days. I'll tell you, working every other day is a blessing and also makes balancing things really tough. The days, I teach, I teach and the days I don't I simply play catch up in the house and cart kids around, run errands and such. When I wasn't teaching before (see blog posts in 2009 and earlier), my days stretched out like endless open blocks of time, although broken up by feeding the baby, breaking up fights between the boys (2.5 and 5) and daydreaming about when all three were in school. Here are some thoughts, things I've been up to and well basically JUST a list of things because I don't have one second (there goes someone wrestling in the living room) of time during this crazy  of year.

1. My Christmas stamps being used as stickers every year (never fails).

2. Something that will NOT be under our tree this year-some kind of playdough dog that poops-like I need more of that in my house.

3. I wonder why my kids believe in Santa but surprising won't make the leap to believe in the he's watching you all the time part and so I can't use that ultimate threat of coal in the stocking, argh.

4. Ugh, Christmas shopping. Yep, I don't actually like shopping, I mean, the actual physical-ness of it, browsing, standing in line etc. I love the results though.

5. I made one of those Facebook status clouds and the most common (so therefore prominently displayed) words were YEP, DUH, BOBBY and DIE. I quickly closed out the window.

6. As a gluten free gal this holiday (and every after) season, I see holiday cookies as a big fat waste of time-so everyone else suffers (me=grinch)...actually, I just haven't gotten very good at the GF baking-cooking, yes, that's easy...it's making things rise and have some goo that's tricky.

7. Even if my house falls apart, I am going to get the illustration project I have been working on done by time to return to work. So far, today, that has meant that my vacuum cleaner has been dumped out onto the floor, I don't know if the kids ate lunch (okay, they did), there's a smathering of peanut butter on the golden retriever's tail, I'm basically still wearing my pajamas.......

8. I got to "adopt" a five year old little girl this holiday and buy her art supplies.....Merry Christmas to me, twist my arm!

9. I survived the last day before break in a middle school classroom full of hyperactive 12 year olds, barely.

10. My gym thought that I had died, not having been there sooooo long and well, I guess they must have seen my FB cloud.

P.S-hands feel great, great, great-people who I owe artwork to, it's coming again. Next year will be great. Also, yay, KYMIA, I simply love, love, love her work. She won Work of Art last night and I think I am going to go up to the Brooklyn museum to see it-road trip!!

Kymia's gorgeous "boat", drawing, painting, mixed media in the middle.


linwood avenue said…
have you tried gluten free "Better Batter" ? it is a gf flour substitute - 1:1 ratio. my son is gf and really misses cookies. I tried it with some of our staple cookie recipes and they turned out really, really well. they are just slightly more crumbly than normal. we also made a bunch of buckeye cookies this year. if you like peanut butter, search for a recipe. so good and naturally gf!
Beth HF said…
Will do! I am always looking for baking help with the gf.

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