Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pics From the Past Week

Working on a tree for a friend.

Little Chefs

Lil Miss playing with her car while brother makes bread (see above).

Flower in hand.

 I promise to post more regularly soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am trying to loosen up a little so I drew up 10 of these quick little studies. Each one has the 7 or so dots of Payne's Gray (see in the base of the vase) and then I just went from there. So far, only so so. I'm working on some art right now for friends and it's going to benefit from my if I could just find some more time in the day!

P.s-last night I drew up 16 or so little quasi abstracts-not loose at all but I love them. I think I may need
to make some messes (however, not like the murder mystery, see previous post.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where to?

Murder Mystery in my studio-nope just three year olds painting themselves with my precious fluid acrylics.

Recent discussion in Fullerland:
"Hey, can I take the IPod Touch with me on my Utah trip?" (Hubby is going snowboarding with friends) says Bobby (the husband).
"Um," I respond hesitantly. I'm not sure if I want him loading up Jim Croce on my IPod-I am very picky about my music. He's got good musical taste in some genres (recently he got into the Avett Brothers, well, thank god) but it can border on the 70's line a bit too much for my liking. Is it weird that I am so territorial about my music?
 He continues,
"Well, you don't care if the kids use it. So why should I matter?" he implores.
"I only let the kids play games on it, " I say. Meaning, I don't let them load it up with their music either. (However, I will say that I have never really led my children down the Laurie Berkner road. I know, I've taken a huge musical chunk out of their childhood. But it kind of makes me proud when my kids can sing along with the songs I love.)

"Well," I remark, "The last time you took some electronic device of mine on a snowboarding trip you broke it by dropping it into the snow. How do you know that's not going to happen this time?" (There is evidence of my camera's icy demise as I've seen the video many times, oh, explicative, oops, crash, fade to white snow). There's no answer to that. Older, wiser? Perhaps.

That of course, blew up into HIS and HERS issues. I can honestly say (been with my husband over a decade now) that that is the hardest thing for me. I like mine. I like HIS, HERS, THEIRS and MINE. Yes, I am declaring myself selfish. But as a mother, wife and middle school teacher very often you lose not only things that you love, but your space and your time. Which brings me to MY trip this year. As my husband will be cascading down soft fluffy mountains of snow as HIS trip, I wonder what mine will be. And I've tossed around a lot of ideas. But heaven to me would be long stretches of time to just make art....with very little interruption....except interrupting myself that is.

Speaking of where to, I celebrated my 39th birthday last Wednesday. And now, we don't do too much these days for the adult birthdays but this year, my kids really got into it and got me really cool gifts and that was the best gift in itself. Then we went on a winery tour (sans kids) down in central Virginia and stayed in a bed and breakfast with good friends and neighbors (the best kind). It was relaxing and 70 degrees, really. Note to self:take trips more often. Now where to?

The Mark Addy Inn

Cool shades my kids picked out for me.

Sunset in Rockfish Valley

Blue Birthday Hydrangeas-light blue (although they look purple in the light), favorite color.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last week.....

winter soup-it's weird how much I like photographing food

kid with stomach bug-no I don't make my kids sleep on the floor-I just found her there-that's what I call sick.

sometimes i have to take photos when i am drawing something up for Brain,Child. i actually think the composition in this accidental photo is kind of cool-now back to work....

much needed coffee bean-i love when they are literally sticky-good roast

Tuesday, February 08, 2011



I've been keeping an online food journal otherwise known as Weight Watchers. Honestly, it's the best way to track what you eat regardless of needing to lose weight or not. After my third was born, the weight did not budge and this nifty little online deal helped me drop a whole bag of sugar off my middle or so. But really, you know you are pretty darn sick when you only eat 7 of your allotted 30 Weight Watchers points a day, day before, I ate 3. I'll be back when I'm back up to 30 (plus ALL of my flex points and a few more I ain't counting). Stay well.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Wonderland

View from Madeira School

Mr. C

Madeira's amazing view of the Potomac.

Crock Pot love.

J sledding.

Rain boots in the snow.....need snow boots.

My bookclub/girlfriends cabin get away weekend.

Another view of the Potomac from cabin.

Little Miss


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Six Degrees

My sister and I are the original internet surfers. Long ago at bedtime, in our dad-made stacked bunk beds we would play this game: we would both start with the same random word like "kite" and then I would say go and we would see where our thoughts would wander with that simple "starter word". So in my head something like this stream of consciousness would occur:
Chinese dragon kites
Nightmare on Elm Street
cool striped sweater
Sesame Street
New York City
dropping a penny
train tracks
B&O Railroad
Boxcar Kids
Nancy Drew
my friend Christine
athlete's foot....and so on (I'm sure you were thinking the exact same things-how uncanny!) . Each idea reminded me of something else. At the end of the minute or so we would both say the word or thought we were on at that moment I said stop. We would yell out our new word and then try to track back to the original. The jury is still out on whether or not this was the LEAST bit enjoyable for my sister but I loved it. Being the oldest sister you kind of had the monopoly on what annoying word games you could make your younger sister play with you when ALL she wanted to do was sleep.

It is like playing the game of clicking on blogs/websites. It's how you end up from, say, my site here to some goofy guy's blog Dave From Brainerd South Dakota Cookin' with Babe the Blue Ox (yes I just watched Fargo the other night. If you ask me I can do a mean Marge.). So I'm going to play the game "Six Clicks Away" so 6 clicks from this blog here are some of my favorite images with red spot color (this has always been my favorite spot color ever since we did it in my high school lit mag-all Jenny's idea) from the pages I landed on. You can play along too on your blog. I promise not to be bossy.

P.S-I actually found that I can't help but look for inspiration from other artists so it's all null and void on the I'm not going to look at any art this month-that's like saying I'll finally cut the cheese out of my diet-HA!

Japanese Vintage Postcard

Brian W. Ferry

Evan B. Harris

Steven Macdonald-Ramblin' Worker

 The late Margaret Kilgallen