Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Color

It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate,
it takes strength to be gentle and kind,
over and over and over.
It's so easy to laugh it's so easy to hate,
It takes guts to be gentle and kind,
Over, over.

~Jeff Buckley
OK, back to work.......lots of art being worked on in between the craziness that is my homestead. Only 4 kids in my house right now-a record.

But real quick, I'm wondering: Is it bad......
that sometimes I want to be one of my dogs, just lay around all day (except their food leaves much to be desired)

that I buy a couple of pounds of cherries just for myself (I mean, my kids look like vampires when they eat them and stain everything in sight-I even think that they sneak up to my closet and find that ONE white shirt I bought after a few margaritas at the Cheecake Factory near the mall-two things I rarely do (not the marg part).

that I told my son yesterday that he isn't evil just some of things he does are.

that I stayed up until 1am last night watching There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane on HBO and I almost always find myself siding with a young mother but I just want to, to, to......not going to say it. 

that I was drinking red wine while watching it? (but not driving, thank you very much).

Friday, July 22, 2011

May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new scanner right now (he doesn't know what he's in for). Surprisingly, this little piece actually came in okay this morning but 200 dpi seems to be the limit. I'm working on some art that needs to be at the least 800dpi (line art) and my little Canon just turned in his retirement papers. Great timing. However, I know that Anne our designer for Brain,Child will be thrilled when my files don't show up in her inbox looking like they were done in crayon and smudged, furry and blurry as well as some other creative gals awaiting inbox clogging files.

The piece above has a transparent postcard (reduced in size) in the bottom right. That was a transfer I made a few years ago by ironing ink jet transparency paper onto tissue paper (labor intensive but pretty cool). The valentine postcard is from Mount Crawford, Va 1905-I have the original. If you look really, really closely the words from the back of the postcard came through in the transfer. It says "Why don't you write?" and that's it, the rest of the card is blank. And the sentiment...May all your troubles be little ones, says it all, yes?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Draw, Draw, Draw

Mattias Adolfsson

Did you know....I love to draw? Love, love, love it. I saw this over at Book By It's Cover (a wonderful blog that causes me to buy way too many books-but that is NOT a bad thing, mind you.) This book is a book of artist Mattias Adolfsson's sketchbooks. I flipped though it today page by page happy as a monkey in a banana tree.  I received it yesterday in the mail from Sweden and it was handed to me by my Kenyan postman-making me feel oh so worldly tucked away here in my little Round Hill.

Right now, I am juggling a few projects as well as the three kids. I found myself (after two hours of crying, dramatic, can't figure out her feelings three year old-I'm not kidding unfortunately) literally praying with two hands held together held up to the sky.  Saint Anthony is the patron of lost things is my favorite.
"Saint Anthony, " I prayed with hands clasped together, "Find me the strength to get through this day, Amen, thank you very much, amen and whatever else." And my daughter promptly fell asleep, curled up on the couch.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


just like these pops of red-this is my I can't seem to finish table

hand painting fabric designs-changing it up a bit so as not be stealing:)

more legs, liking the orange and olive green combo these days

the boy has an upside down ice cream cone on his head by the way-in case you were wondering

I just had to post the messy workspace makes me laugh.

Random thoughts:

You know, I was thinking the other day about how much more I got done when my youngest was a is that? A baby? Oh, yeah, they take naps and don't cut their hair (still finding curls in my bedroom tucked in between bedsheets)....and recently, it seems that I am going to have to TEACH my kids how to play. My neighbor across the street invited all THREE of mine over to play, any, all, but nope they'd rather stay here and ask me myriads of questions like "When are we going to make cookies Mom?" (never said we were doing such a thing). And "Are you making artwork AGAIN?" (yes) and "Are you going to be famous?" (well, of course, hee hee hee).

It's 95 degrees outside but feels like 236. Have I mentioned that unless I am at the beach I am a big dis-liker of summer? Blasphemous, yes-I just hate being stuck inside when it looks perfectly FINE out there. With winter you can see where you might fall into a snow drift or slip on the icy sidewalk (in my opinion tons more beautiful than the witch's broomstick grass we have on display right now). Summer is deceiving here in Virginia. You can't actually see the danger of extreme heat. Summer here entices you with a nice dollop of sun each day only to wallop you with what I can the wet heat blanket, thump and wrapping you up in it like a mobster throwing you in the trunk of unbearable humidity.....dramatic, I know.

I'm reading all of the Harry Potter books this summer. Just finished the third only to go upstairs to my son's room to exchange it for the doorstop of a book four, yikes, 732 pages? And you know what? They are pretty DARN good.....Scholastic and Rowling might be on to something there. (chuckle, chuckle).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Curly Girl

brought my sketchbook-didn't sketch, darn kids.

 Just got back from a really quick trip down to the Outer Banks. I can't help it every time I say that, I think of the Outer Limits-twilight zone kind of thing. And it is a kind of twilight zone, and an over run one at that. Duck, NC used to be a place where you could simply get away. As a 12 year old it was sooooo BORING and now that sounds like heaven to me. (In recent memory, I actually can not think of the last time I was bored.) Now the Harris Teeter (new alternative to the only Food Lion), is teeming with New York accents bouncing off the chips shelves and the deli line there rivals Cold War Russian bread queues. Don't they have beaches in New York? Um, yes, I do believe they do. I guess the same could be said for me, seeing as that Virginia has beaches as well.
I always come back from the shore super nostalgic. It's been a family tradition almost every year of my life aside from a few years in college (money) and living out in Colorado (too far for vacation and well, money). I love watching my little ones riding the waves, jumping the foam and cheering for the crash. It's invigorating.
And now back to being home with my kids full time and I am, honestly, pulling my hair out. And speaking of pulling hair out.....yesterday, my daughter had what looked like a rat tail to rival all rat tails hanging from the back of her hairline. We just got her curly locks trimmed and the hairdresser actually did a great job with it.  All curly (me) headed gals know that not everyone can cut curly hair. It's like saying that all cooks can do pastry-yes, curly hair is like dessert (ha!). So I thought, did she miss a piece? I went up to A. to do a little investigating. I tugged gently on that rogue curl and it fell into my hand. I gasped, ran my hand through the rest of her do and more and more curls were emancipated. She and her buddy had been cutting their hair in my upstairs bathroom. Now, I am really trying to not constantly tell my daughter how cute she is (which she is, except for when she is crying, which is a lot of the time) I recently read this by Lisa Bloom. (It's good although a bit too "motivational speaker"). But I couldn't help it, looking at the abandoned c's all over the floor, I cried (a little).
You see, I did not plan on having a daughter so much like me. What I mean to say is that, she is right now, a small replica of myself (except for that her eyes are huge and round, mine more squinty-probably because I squint?). Her hair is wild, her voice has my rasp, she is stubborn and really good at fighting her father who is always bugging her for a hug and a kiss, she is fiercely independent, and prone to wearing "sportswear".  I have battled my curls for years and finally won-well, they are slightly tamed, or else, I just let it be.
So when I saw the curls, I collapsed a little. She's going to battle her curls too. She's going to battle a lot of things in her life. And I will be there with Aveda taming curl gel and a tissue in hand. But right now, there's a fire to be put out in my living room, a few PB&J's to be made, a kid to pick up at camp, god love em', I'm ready to go back to the beach....

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Cunningham Falls State Park

Hillsborough Vineyards

what a view....ah.....Virginia

now that is relaxation
love my shasta daisies-oh that little gal with the chocolate mouth

fingers still hurt from making these water balloons-however i do hold the world record according to my son

our newly painted blue deck-i love it, it's like the beach came to us-furniture on it's way

UVA flamingos-bringing down the property values in our neighborhood once again

Sunday, July 03, 2011


 After pulling from a hat (really) the winner of the DC Deck Giveaway is........Stamping Bella!!! Obviously, I am so behind that I forgot to even pick a winner to my giveaway. Ok,  that's probably rule #1 of a giveaway, be on time. We'll talk, I promise and I will get an address to send you this little package of fun. More in a bit......