Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black and White and Red All Over

1940's vintage dress listed by TimelessVixenVillage
Wow, I have never seen a dress that I could possibly love more. This is the kind of dress that makes me wish I were a movie star, walking down the red carpet in the cool vintage dress-now that would be a color palette-the black and white on the red. If I had 500 bucks to throw down and a ball to attend this would be my frock. Alas, it will show up in some of my artwork, that's not too second place.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Favorite Read

Because my brain is completely fried by working for the past five days straight (yes, I realize how spoiled that sounds but everyone knows that working at home and working at school are both very different and very tiring things.) If you didn't know from spending a little time either with me or reading this blog, I teach sixth grade art part time. So a couple of days a week, I get my crazy on and mingle with gaggles of 11-12 year olds. I have to put my classroom together and attend meetings on grading and such for a full week and a half before school starts. So here's a new favorite of mine right now because my brain is on bypass:

oh comely
I ordered this absolute treat of a magazine one night not realizing that it was based in the U.K. Shipping was about as much as the magazine itself and so I had them send it to my dear friend who lives in London. Now she gets to enjoy them and then bring them over to me here in the States when she visits. Happy for everyone. She plunked this stack down on my lap at the 40th bday field party we went to last weekend that I am still recovering from, dancing until we were 30 again (ha!). I of course, left them outside my tent (did I mention that this was a field party?) And now they are a little crumply but thankfully, still fun to read.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hypno Coffee

beginning of my chalk/pastel adventure

coming right along (what you don't see is the sweaty artist making this thank goodness)

had to move into the shade  

ta da! 

Yes, I was nervous about working with pastel, a little. But it was wonderful! Of course, I did absolutely NO blending or burnishing or any of the pastely (yes that is a word) things you are supposed to do with the medium but I did it MY way (sing that part please). Sheperdstown, West Virginia (the oldest town in WV) is an amazing little town (if not a bit hippy but I'll let them pass on that, I mean, I did live in Boulder for three years). It's full of houses I want to immediately move into, especially the one with the carousel horse in the window. We are talking houses dating back to the 1700's (European people, to you that's infancy I know but to us it's OLD), with wide creaky porches and vintage opera houses turned into restaurant/music venues, shops, art studios and more. And it is a college town, Sheperd University (many teachers go there-originally a teaching college-like my alma mater, JMU), has about 4000 students. Anyway, I'm going to have to visit again. The shop I did the sign for was Hypno Coffee who graciously provided me with the best iced coffees I have ever had-yeah, I am no dummy offering to draw for the local coffee shop.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stamping Bella! (And Three Sisters)

My new stamp over at Stamping Bella

 Okay, big news. I am branching into the world of stamping! No, not the collecting kind. Art stamps! One night, I received this email via my Flickr account from Emily (love her) over at Stamping Bella- would I want to turn my art into rubber?? Wow, it was late, and I thought, what? Oh yeah, stamps! What a great idea, now everyone can be as obsessed as I am with drawing, hmmm....maybe that's not a good thing. Anyway, I spent many years carving out of linoleum in college and a little after-basically I was making stamps. Although, I didn't know it then. I kind of feel like this is coming home-does that make sense?

(Now because I have only had half of a cup of coffee and just literally got back from the beach last night at 10:30pm-this will be part one of two). But these Canadian (Stamping Bella is based out of Canada) gals are on TOP of things and are they going to zip on over here to visit and I want to WELCOME them! You will also see that Studio Fuller is changing into Three Sisters right now. I am one of three wonderful creative and supportive sisters and three sisters always pop up in my work (there's something about three that I love too, the dynamic).....I never really liked Studio Fuller or even meant for it to be around this long. I used Studio Fuller as kind of a joke as I didn't even have a studio when I started this blog and I was trying to make a comment on how serious "artistes" seem to be. You know, my art is about childhood, fun, old things, memories (old and new), fabric, books, all the things I love...which I have found others love it too (bonus!) Okay, overly peppy, post here. Anyway.......please pardon our dust as we change things around's going to be marvelous.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Chalk It Up To Stress

Well totally OMG.
I ventured over to the PBS channels last night and watched Stress, Portrait of a Killer. And folks, I can't believe it BUT I am stressed. No way.
Yes, you are thinking, lady, seriously, you have three young kids (whose idea was that anyway?), no less than six kids in your house at all times, a job teaching pre-teens, art deadlines and more.....but here's the deal, I always think well, how can I be stressed when there are starving, homeless people, people immersed in war and stars dying of drub abuse (nah)-obviously they are allowed to be more stressed than me.....what business do I have to be stressed? But then I stress about that......I think I used to call it worrying. Wow, what denial.

You want to know what I am stressed about right now? Drawing on a chalkboard. I know, I know, really? I've been asked to be part of a wonderful Chalk Festival in Shepardstown, West Virginia and I get the fun job of drawing inside the local coffee shop (I love me a good coffee shop). I am not a pastel/chalk person. I am trying to locate a chalkboard so I can practice. Really. I have a great idea for the art...and it will probably be better than I think it will be. I am just not comfortable being on display. Basically, I will be creating artwork while people watch me. I mean, when I was young, while in church, I figured out a way to actually stop myself from sneezing so as not to draw attention to myself. Don't get me wrong, I am not shy, oh, not at all, I'm just not usually the center of attention, nor do I want to be. I find it's better to blend and observe and speaking of blending, I think you do that with pastels.....oh, crap, I better go practice.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Plastic Eye

All of these done with the wonderful photoshop action called Plastic Eye

The pictures are from our local county fair. That's a whole other post I am brewing up. Right now, I am totally procrastinating.....okay, it's not just that. I really should have planned more activities for my children this summer. I know, it totally goes against my unconstructive play time summer plans. So I am wrapping up Brain,Child work right now as well as some other fun TBA stuff before he head off to Salvo, NC this Sunday. Okay-enough chatting......but first, if you have Photoshop and you haven't learned about "actions" yet. I suggest you click on the Plastic Eye link in the caption above. It's super cool the things you'll find-the best part is that other amazing photographers have already done the hard part-figuring it all out. Of course, I do plan on donating to thank them. Or maybe, I shouldn't because they are, of course, enabling me to.....procrastinate! (a joke, a joke).