Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I Have Been Enjoying

I am so happy with this, can I say that? Yes, I can.

In lieu of gooey bread, butter, pizza, pie, cake, cheese, hands that work correctly and more, I am finding solace in some simple things (as best as I damn well can).

1. candles that smell like winter spruce

2. a good red wine

3. my Pentel slicci pen .25 (where have you been all of my tiny little lines life?)

4.fixing all of the toliet paper roll holders in my house

5. finally getting a sink that will hold a pot

6. being able to return the sink since I absentmindedly bought the wrong size (it's the Celiac), thanks Home Depot easy return policy.

7. Being able to order correct size online-whew.

8. Old books friends are sending me to turn into art-I'm loving the interaction between me and you.

9. Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin pie coffee (pre-ground-blasphemy!)

10. Advil (the artwork above should be sponsored by ibuprofen).

Sooooo.....the pain in my hands, arms, fingers, neck......it's Celiac. And I know it for sure. And, and, and......I am getting relief, albeit slowly and I'm thrilled. Yes, really. It took my hands and fingers feeling like they were about to fall off but I am back to my original (and correct) diagnosis. What a journey (not). My husband says to me that he is amazed with what I have put up with these past two years but that I didn't stop the madness until my drawing and hands were put in jeopardy. You'd think......you'd think......alas, I am feeling good today.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Woke this morning, hands can barely close, fingers like brittle twigs. Spirits in the dumps (did have a great Thanksgiving though). Can not figure out why my arms and hands are hurting so bad. So NOW, out goes the dairy. So I've been vigorously gluten free for one month now, turning down Wegman's pizza, my mom's homemade rolls and even Fat Tire beer (my favorite), yes, it's true. First picture, I decide not to let this stop me from putting together some pieces and completely cover my clean studio floor. (My husband made me clean it a couple of weekends ago, oh, no, really it was a good thing. And it made room for my new red chair, which I love, love, love. The chair already stood the test of kids...apparently when I was on my weekend away, my daughter and friend made a CAKE out of it, frosting it with water glue. Are you seeing some kind of trend here? Husband left at home with daughter and her friend, studio mayhem. Yeah, me too.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Death By Carrot

I have just sat down to watch a marathon of back logged Work Of Art. Man, I love that show. I just have such respect for those artists being able to work under such pressure and their ability to make things out of thin air, like say, a light box with gold enlay with overlapping super detailed drawing so that the light shines through making the drawing ethereal and and hot and cold flapping doors....the show requires so much more know how than just being able to draw. Kymia is my favorite. Her drawing skills are spot on. She recently won a challenge and had her amazing drawing auctioned off for charity. I so would love to be able to bid on it at Sotheby's....as soon as I find an image of it, I'll try to post it but let's just say it had to do with a girl eating a house, a dog and finally dying by carrot...ahhhhh, it would be perfect in my dining room (chuckle).

Above is oldie but goodie......I used to draw without thinking so much. This one done in ink and coffee. So I am going to start working on some larger drawings like these with more complexity (not just one object) and yes, some hot and cold folding doors.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simply Me

This past weekend, it wasn't the lack of family responsibilities, the sleeping in, the all day coffee and wine, the ambling, uninterrupted reading and drawing, the free range peacocks or the four poster bed, it was a back to me. Driving down into the Shenandoah valley, I felt a layer peel off. I just simply felt like me. Not Mom Beth, Wife Beth, Teacher Beth, Artist Beth or any of those Beths, it was just pure me, freshly squeezed Beth (okay that just sounds weird).

I came back really happy, okay, well, content. And content is good.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Normally if I take pictures with camera in hand and also into a mirror (which is maybe twice in my life ever)-I have to laugh at the narcissism involved..... but this picture (regardless of the taker and the subject) is pretty darn cool if I do say so myself. What a wonderful weekend...more on that later.

Friday, November 11, 2011

This Is Where I Am

Fairview circa 1867 in Amherst, Virginia.

Tucker can't figure out where I am (outside looking in).

love the reflection

Eggs from Heather's chicken

breakfast (and eggs)

front porch

view from back porch

I am reading, drawing, eating, relaxing with friends. Ah. Needed.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.~Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


After graduating from college in 1994, I had a hard time figuring out what's next. Where most people would be thinking jobs I had no such thoughts of grandeur, well not a real job anyway. A studio art degree means basically you are qualified for practically every job. You can transform art even into patty flipping. I'm not a slacker, don't get me wrong. I have good credit and I almost always have. Unheard of for an artist right? Good credit, no debt, paying my bills, only taking a few handouts from my parents, actually lending my sister money while we were both in college. It's the oldest child syndrome to be so responsible.
So what did I do? Well, I began to watch episode after episode of Roseanne. And I loved it. I recently found out that Oxygen runs marathons of Roseanne during the day. So I sat down to doodle and watch a few (of course with kiddos playing somewhere in the house) and was pleasantly surprised to see how much her tv family resembles mine, well, no, not really, but a good chunk of it plays out in my three child household right now. And I am also pleased to say that I've got a little Roseanne in me too. I recently read Roseanne Barr's piece in the New York magazine.
And enjoyed it immensely.

I have been more busy than I ever have been-hence the pittance of posts. Challenging teaching, six days a week of sports practices and games.....whew. But here's some fun Halloween pictures and ghost hunt pictures to make up for my lack-o-funny.

House in Harpers Ferry

Walking down into Harpers Ferry

Most haunted house in town

Our guide telling us the spooky stories

Walking up up up

Bottles in my friend's Canal House Restaurant

See any ghosts?
All store bought-that's right, I said it.

Me on Halloween in vintage 1980's wedding dress (thanks Ebay). It's handmade, fully beaded and fully not intended for this purpose.