Speaking of Which

the bookshelf with real books, you can't cut pages out of a Nook, you can't


lucky you, i went all 70's on these photos but it's a rainy day and it fits perfectly (those are GF cookies-not too shabby)

1.  I am trying to go through ALL of the letter tests, this week it's MRI and EMG. If anyone has others to suggest, let me know because surely I have not had enough in the past two years...OMG.

2. I have been reading through almost all of my blog posts from the last five years. Wow.

3. I am writing in list form because.....it's easy.

4. I am sitting in my hallway with my laptop on my lap not able to move because I put the 4 and 6 year old to bed for "rests" at 12pm and have been guarding the hallway ever since. Yeah, it's just like glory days of nap time gone by. Except for they aren't napping.

5. Recently, my Kindergarten kid does not want to go to Kindergarten (alas the "rest" he is taking today). Who doesn't WANT to go to Kindergarten? I'm not sure what to do about this because after much interrogation all I can get out of him as to why he doesn't want to go is........wait for it.......he doesn't want to. (argh).

6. I want to look forward to something and I want it to happen, like, tomorrow.

7. Today my littlest one (4) was outside (while waiting for her brother's Kindergarten bus that he did not get on) in her pajamas, no shoes and eating a popsicle (it's like 40 degrees out and drizzling)- mom of the year! I know, how does she do it you're asking.

8. Speaking of which, I saw the movie I Don't Know How She Does It and I still don't know. This is purely one of those cases where the book has got to be better than the movie.  And in a complete flip, the movie The Help was so wonderful and so much better than the book. I don't think I have ever claimed such a thing. It's probably because when I read books, I hear the words and dialogue in my head in my own voice and let me tell you that I do not do a good Southern accent, so thank goodness for amazing actors.

9. Speaking of which, if my life were narrated by someone I wonder who it would be......hmmm....I would cast Tina Fey.

10. And speaking of Tina Fey, I am going to upload her book to my Nook, yes, I know, I know, I went digital. It was a present. I never thought I'd see the day. But Brain,Child went digital too and I have heard that my cartoons have their own page so, well, I want to see them.....but I still love the pages shifting through my fingers and the gloss of a good magazine. And speaking of which.......you'll see soon.


Caatje said…
I love these kinds of posts full of everyday snippets. I also hope the tests will go well for you. Good luck.

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