Box of Treasures

My grandfather's postcard to my grandmother three days before their wedding

My grandfather's lists (apparently he made many) and he was a SPE

Grandmother's commencement

before email

I recently inheireted a box of wonderful letters and keepsakes from my grandmother and grandfather. The postcard in the first photo was sent to my grandmother days before their wedding. My mother says that her father was a very to the point person.

My mother passed these delicate papers and cards on to me to take care of them. And I will...I may be putting together a "scrap" book of sorts.....

I'm also going to immortalize some of these pieces in my artwork. (Thank goodness for scanning as I won't use these originals) what I want to do is find OTHER people's boxes o' stuff (circa 1900-1960) and use those originals. A friend of mine goes to auctions all over the county here in Virginia. The estate sales often have plenty of personal papers and such. Could be fun!

40th birthday this Thursday....bought myself a new lens for my camera (since I fell down the stairs and ruined the lens)...I'd been meaning too and what BETTER reason than the big 4 back to work.


LR said…
what wonderful personal treasures you have there. happy hunting for other treasures as well.
Sweet Mess said…
I love collecting and integrating discarded antique papers in my art too... I love the mysterious notes and marks that meant something to someone at some point. I look forward to seeing your creations with your family treasures! And Happy Early 40!
Antonia Malchik said…
I love these things. We found an old scrapbook of my great-grandmother's that I treasure, along with her wee leatherbound editions (1890s) of Jane Austen (!) with her name written inside, but the beautiful thing was a box of letters between my mother and her father when she was in college. Topped off by 40 years' worth of electrical bills he dutifully kept! Can't wait to see the art you create from these found things.

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