Mother Daughter Convo

she's reaching-work in progress

Conversation with a four year old daughter.....

"Here Mommy, read this!" (It's a rogue Halloween book found on her shelf, okay actually the Halloween books are always on the shelves and well, okay the Christmas ones too...which as you can imagine keeps my kids constantly confused.)

On the front cover of the book there is a bat hanging upside down but try as you might you can NOT explain to a four year old girl that bats hang upside down.....oh, no, you must continue to read said book upside down even though you have pointed out many times that the words are upside down and realize that this basically means nothing to an illiterate four year old.

"But LOOK!", you exclaim, "The wolf is upside down and look the skeleton too!" No, no, no......
emphatically, they    are    not.

And this is my evening.


Caatje said…
LOL! You can't argue with a childs logic. ;-)

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