Puerto Rico!

El Morro National Park (fort)

El Morro from the inside

Angel in the cemetery

view from the fort

colorful buildings (it is the Carribean!)

love the red door

red door building second level

So, Puerto Rico.....who knew? And I highly recommend. Absolutely wonderful. We went for just two days and nights but it was perfect, like a dessert of a trip. Unfortunately, I got back to a kid with pink eye, one with "growing pains" and the ongoing saga of parenthood, never a dull moment should be tattooed on my forehead. The respite was nice. Now, back to work, artwork that is.......


KackyK said…
You should be a postcard photographer! Great pics!
Beth HF said…
Thanks Kacky! Although, my kids get mad because there are never any people in the pictures....like me, or Bobby:)I am always behind the camera and don't realize it.

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