Mind Power!

work in progress

I am teaching my middle child MIND POWER right now....I know, you didn't know I am such a guru. Let's explain.....Mr. C (as I call him) is a delightful kid. But recently this ugly self defeating bug has popped up through his meadow of tulips and wonder. He has started to be really hard on himself. My mind is rolling like a hamster ball, oh yes, I know this, I remember this feeling....it's been awhile.

So, what to do? When I was 22 I lived and worked in Boulder, Colorado, far from my family, feeling overwhelmed, I drove my co-workers crazy with my heavy sighs and general malaise. My manager pulled me outside on a beautiful day and we sat under a tree (in the parking lot).
"You know," she said to me, "when you wake up in the morning you can decide how you are going to feel. You can change your attitude."
I was amazed. Really? It had not occurred to my 22 year old self that you could manipulate your own mind in such a positive way. (really). Now, I'm not saying that every day I pop out of my bed with trailing butterflies and a path of roses to lead my way. But I do find myself, using her words.....change your mind. If you don't like how you feel today, you can change it. Or at least try, dammit.
So, I've taught Colin to wipe those thoughts (we literally wipe our foreheads) out of our heads and replace them with good thoughts. I'm not good enough-wiiiiiiiiiiiiipe, I'm good, I'm great. Now, I have been careful to tell him that for example, sad, frustrated feelings are okay to have but they don't have to take over your day. I certainly don't want to bring up boys who can't cry or have surpress all of their feelings (I want great daughter-in-laws, I'm thinking ahead).
So he's recently been telling me that he's been sad because he misses me on the days I go to work. I asked him if he feels that way all day. "Yes", he said. "But do you need to?" I ask. "I mean, couldn't you just miss me and think, it's okay that I miss my mom, but I am still going to have fun today?"
I can see him thinking this over.
A ha.......it's not rocket science....it's MIND POWER.....give it a try:)


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