Brown Glove Giveaway

 I have not been meaning to neglect this blog, really, I mean it BUT....

1st there was this little thing called....allergies

And then there was this thing called.....get the piece done for the art show, (see a couple of the little ones above-cocoon like lanterns and leaves, it's a motherhood earth day show, I'll get more into that this weekend).

Then there was my finding out that I can get Netflix through my TV....voila, Felicity-Season 1 (we'll talk more about how much I love that show but only ever saw one episode right as I going into labor with my second son, every commercial break, a contraction in 2005, I think it was in re-runs even then. I remember at the time thinking, wow, this is a great show, ouch, will need to watch this whenever I have some free years later......)

Eventually, there was a baptism, a stomach bug, a trip to urgent care at 9pm last night. And plain ole' worries about having a job next fall (I do, sigh of relief).

And then there is this child size little brown glove that keeps popping up all over the house, like the garden gnome in Amelie. It's in every load of laundry, in the sock drawer....I can't find its owner, it doesn't have a partner. I finally (gasp) threw it away. I feel better now.


Elizabeth said…
Ha, there is a brown child ankle sock behaving in the same manner in my house... stressing me out. It pops up everywhere. Maybe I will throw it away today in solidarity. : )
Beth HF said…
Isn't it weird that something that stupid drives me nuts.......yet, it does. Maybe some squirrel family can move into it- Jan Brett The Mitten style:)
Caatje said…
Oh, Felicity! I loved that show too. It was aired at a ridiculous time here (like four in the afternoon or something), but I couldn't stay away from it. Haven't seen it in years though. Enjoy!

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