simple little ditty

Things I have learned recently....

1. Put the bird feeder in the front yard, right outside studio window. So many people have their feeders in their backyards. Although, we do spend time back there it's not as visible as smack dab in the middle of your front yard. Hours of entertainment, for someone anyway.

2. Speaking of time.....it's just not my own right now. You know you kind of give that up when you become a parent. Right now my daughter is making mud, and she's happy doing it but there's that feeling that I should be making memorable moments with her.....if you haven't read this, you should.

3.I realize that I still have very young children, 4, 6 and 8. It's the 4 that keeps me hopping. But at least we only cry for no reason at all, all day long, every once in awhile now and not on a consistent basis. There's that.

4. I used to work at night. I don't know how, with a newborn baby, but I did. Now, I work in between teaching and making lunches and at night I collapse. I used to love my quiet nocturnal ventures. Now, I've read (thank you Eric Maisel) that mornings are usually better times for creativity but I already get up at 6:30am. Any earlier and I'm really useless. Sometimes, I think those books are written for people, who are retired, who don't have kids, a regular job or well, any obligations at all. Why does school start so dang early?

5. Grumpy people should be required to smile back at you if you make the effort.

6. I taught a workshop last Friday night at our Round Hill Arts Center-Ladies Night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't usually work with adults. I will say this, they are much easier to work with than twelve year olds. (no way you say).  It's nice having other artists around. I plan to keep this up, if they'll have me.

7. Being 40 is pretty darn okay. But getting older kind of stinks. I just don't seem to bounce back as fast as I used to. Maybe it would help if I stopped playing a combat sport twice a week (soccer) hmmmm.....but how would I get out all of my pent up craziness? It just feels so good to play, a GAME.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are throwing my baby sister's baby shower tomorrow. I have lots of bows to tie. More about this amazing time later, both my sister and brother (well his wife-duh) are having their very own children this summer. It's a blessing beyond belief. xox.


rachel awes said…
lovelovelove your art!
found you in artful blogging

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